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Planning a cell phone birthday text message, send a birthday cell phone ecard instead. Mobile greetings card wishing Happy Birthday for your near and dear ones. Wish Happy Birthday with these cell phone greetings directly on their mobile phone. Send Free Happy Birthday wishes Greeting cards to cell phone for free, U can send to all gif animated ecards to mobile phones, Android Iphone windows smartphone, birthday cards are able to send by text messages, whatsapp and Sms to cell phone number, mobile greetings cards arts are free to download to use for whatsapp, Atmgreetings create all birthday cards for, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, for him for her, lover sweetheart, Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Aunty, Uncle, Friends, husband, wife.


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Champagne, Bouquet, Reflection, Celebration, Lovers, Roses

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Baby Shower, Chick, Gift, Boy, Happy, Puppy, Lady, Romantic, Rose
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Delivery, Congrats, Li'l Angel, Rock, Bouncing, Wuv
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Happy Birthday Wishes, Text Messages and SMS

Birthday Wishes, Text Messages, Text Cards, SMS

2. This is the day of tulips and your days. May you year after year auspicious, fragrant!

3. Let all the joy of the world be in my song, to celebrate your birthday.

5. like you but dare not tell you. So in this sound "happy birthday", contains all my feelings.

6. your smile has been so stubbornly monopolized my every dream. Hope that my birthday blessing can take you all day want me! Our encounter, perhaps a continuation of a past life, The story of any pay, no right or wrong, no more worthy of consideration.

8. When the dedication to become a need love is that does not matter things in your birthday, accept my distant and deep blessing!

9. believe in love or less eternal but every time worthy of treasure believe that you did not let me hurt but not give you the opportunity to understand happy birthday.

10. you go, I will never keep you.When you turn around to the moment, I will say to myself, I have sincerely loved! Year after year you will receive my blessing on time.

12. "You are the cutest", I said no time to think about it, and after thinking or say it. Happy birthday!

16. Gentle breeze quietly sends I'm on you. always care, a deep blessing!

18. Do not say anything, all the explanation is superfluous, including crying, each other solemnly, and then to their own tomorrow. Finally left this card: happy birthday!

25. birthday is commemorative because since that moment many things in the somewhere there is a re-arrangement including you my meet acquaintance love let us cherish each other!

26. a red candle full of our cup do not have to say anything / only swaying candle and deep red of the pulp silently embody the joy your birthday

27. tell me when you come again cultivate my barren smile tied me to the rudder of the boat wish you happy today!

28. This love is deeply buried in the heart of a full surging for a century of reincarnation until the day of the day came together to surging into the freshness of the incense happy birthday!

29. Maybe you are not born for me, but I have the honor to accompany you. I would like to have a candle flame for your birthday in your lifetime.

30. In your birthday this day, did not stay with you, can not give you my warmth, can only leave my wish, wish you happy every day!

32. In your birthday, I only quietly pray for you for your blessing: happy birthday, always happy!

33. I am willing to do sweet cake, send you a sweet blessing, I am willing to do so soft candle, give you a deep blessing, I wish you a happy birthday.

34. every day on your side, do not have to think about you, do not have to sour to love you, just sweet love you! My baby, happy birthday!

35. care sent to my endless thoughts, care of the wind sent me gently blessing. Happy birthday to you!

36 wish your birthday full of endless happiness, may you like today's memories warm, willing to all your dreams sweet, would you like this year wishful!

37. cheering for you this year, for your cheers today, for your prayer tomorrow: forever youthful face and beautiful mood!

38. Life and love are the highest meaning of mankind. Try to grasp the life at the same time, would you like to find love! happy Birthday!

40. Live today, such as water, love the water that day. Love in my heart, warm dream longer Bless your birthday happy!

42. A year-old flower is similar, year-old different. Wake up and realize that the dream is not a dream, eyebrow wrinkles and a heavy On the day of your birthday, only hope that you can be happy, healthy, beautiful birthday happy!

44. In your birthday this moment, not on your side, sorry! Can only give you my warmest blessing, which I have made a promise to the sea!

46. ??Yingying today, such as water, love the water that day. Love in my heart, Acacia dream longer Bless your birthday happy! Every day in life forever youth beautiful!

47. The days have been sweet honey, happy live music, happy happy happy Birthday!

48. Dear: every day in the life for your blessing, because my life is always thinking about you! Sincerely wish you happy birthday!

50. wish you a happy birthday, always happy. Yang Shou sees the broad road in front of the bow and sees gold and silver covered with land !!

55. I wish you to eat big fish and meat; singing beautiful accompaniment; day into the fighting gold is not enough; dare with the turtle than life. happy Birthday!

57. have a word has been dared not say to you, but when you say no chance when your birthday: you really hate ... like, never tired!

60. like the tree maple leaves, in the morning breeze to open my pure light Bi, in the sunset burning my ardent red, give your birthday.

62. There have been words to say to you, but suffer no chance, today I finally summoned the courage. happy birthday!

67. Close your heart, emerge your humorous words, straightforward temperament. You are trickling, moisten our hearts ... happy birthday.

68. childhood innocence, less romantic, spend the season but missed, but I will never forget your special day, "I wish you a happy birthday!"

69. long time no sees, but earlier reported the time to tell me, your birthday today, here to speak to you: Happy birthday to you! The young and beautiful!

72. waiting for the arrival of your birthday at night, when the bell sounded the moment I will share with you the day you belong to my heart with you.

73. Time flies, and to your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday, willing to happy this year, the next year's birthday is better!

77. I really want to turn into a ray of breeze, quietly came to your side, gently pull your soft hair, for you to sing a happy birthday.

80. yesterday's wind and rain have gone. Today you and I will continue. Forget all the cry, tomorrow you are still beautiful. happy Birthday! Happy to spend!

81. I really want to turn into a ray of breeze, quietly came to your side, that you like the waterfall gently move gently, for you to sing a happy birthday.

82. youth, the sunshine, laughter ... for this day that belongs to you, dance the happy rhythm I wish you a happy birthday!

84. Thank God today gave me a special gift, that is you. Long life journey, you are accompanied by my life happy. Happy birthday to you!

85. Mountain song is my heart beating heart, jumping characters is my passionate love! Cheerful news, Of course, my praise for you!

86. mountain long water, can not stop the blessing of the message, a few words, difficult to express my thoughts. Let the joy of thoughts, always hold us!

87. I wish you a happy birthday, always happy. Yang head to see the broad road in front of, bow to see gold and silver covered with land !!

88. Today you have, the world is more exciting; tonight with you, the stars are more brilliant; life with you, the world warmer. happy Birthday!

92. I wish you to eat big fish and meat; singing beauty accompaniment; day into the gold is not enough; dare with the turtle than life. happy Birthday!

94. Do not forget the birthday of the mother, the work of which do not forget friends, worry about the time to think about happy things. Happy birthday, may you be happy every day!

96. waiting for your birthday at night, when the bell sounded the moment I will share with you the day you belong to my heart with you.

97. Time flies, and to your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday, is willing to happy this year, the next year's birthday is better!

61. birthday blessing to give me my special blessing, may it every minute to bring you health, good luck and happiness. Hope this is the best birthday you've ever had!

65. birthday blessing warmly congratulates your birthday, take you my love for you, also sent a small gift. Take care!

66. birthday blessing your life, such as a boat, in the depths of life in the valley of ups and downs. Birthday, I wish you peacefully out of the harbor!

67. birthday blessing if there are friends in the world, that is, as you care for me as a friend. My friend, happy birthday.

68. birthday wish to hope that I was the first to you "Happy Birthday" friends, is willing to happy this year, success!

70. birthday blessing I am in full bloom on the orchids to write endless thoughts and blessings for you, and wish you a happy birthday!

73. birthday blessing of the year today belongs to you, my life in this heart belongs to you

74. birthday blessing let me sincerely wish you, with the leaves of your life, red flowers in February!

75. birthday wish birthday candle light swaying season flowers, each one is my wish: happy birthday!

77.touch of attractive color. Friends, wish you a happy birthday!

79. birthday wish my heart is a flower, bloom in your sky, for your birthday to add a little warm atmosphere, for your happiness to add a beautiful Day!

80. birthday blessing on this happy day, and sincerely wish you youthful presence, is willing to be a quiet and joy quietly to you, happy birthday!

81. birthday wish my blessing, such as a ray of bright sunshine, flowing in your eyes, happy birthday!

84. birthday wish you every day is like a beautiful painting - happy birthday! Years are always shorter and shorter, the birthday is always faster and faster, friendship is always getting thicker, my blessing is getting deeper and deeper.

85. birthday blessing you have a taste, strong enough birthday, my father!

86. birthday wish me beautiful and optimistic about the warm and healthy self-confidence of the energetic big friends - mother happy birthday!

87. birthday blessing I from the blooming orchid in the leaves to write your endless thoughts and wishes and wish you a happy birthday!

88. birthday blessing on my love for you, I wish you birthday is full of warmth because you are the most lovely sister!

89. birthday blessing dream will fade, flowers will be withered, but you have had will accompany you forever possession. happy Birthday!

90. the birthday blessing you with a beautiful ring compiled a flow of fragrance of the calendar, every year I will be on this page on the calendar with a deep love to miss your birthday!

91. birthday blessing so that my blessing like the sweet ringing, floated into your ears, stay in your heart, I wish a happy birthday!

92. birthday blessing memorable day, the world because you have a better, happy birthday!

93. birthday blessing in this very warm moments, distant you respect a glass of wine, together with my heartfelt blessing - happy birthday, my friend!

95. birthday blessing This is the day of tulips, but also your day. May you year after year auspicious, fragrant!

96. birthday blessing so that all the joy of the world are in my song, to celebrate your birthday.

97. birthday blessing life is a joy, may your life, always full of joy, happy birthday!

98. birthday blessing branch of the candlelight, the birthday of the happy birthday, lucky you, tomorrow will be better!

99. birthday blessing I sing "I wish you a happy birthday," the song approached you, to express my prayer, to share your happiness, and then listen to that belongs to your youth echo ...

100. birthday blessing happy, happy, happy by your birthday, I put the sincere blessing into a beautiful mystery, brought to your birthday party up, let you guess ...

101. birthday blessing ceremony is not expensive, love precious. Bless you have a sweet, happy and happy birthday!

102. birthday blessing in your birthday day, I can not help but praise you, I wish you long life!

103. birthday wish the sun every day to bring you bright at the same time, but also bring you happiness. I wish you a happy birthday!

104. birthday blessing is my birthday, Lennon back to the nest in front of you!

105. birthday wish you in the hopeful season sowing, in the joy of autumn harvest! happy Birthday! step up!

106. birthday blessing I wish you my blessing is the freshest and you never read the blessing, bless your birthday happily, happy and happy!

107. birthday blessing with my full love, I wish you a happy birthday, you make my life has a meaning, I can not express your words with words, want to spend your life with you every day.

108. birthday blessing father, on this special day, all the blessing with our love, crowded in your glass, red, deep, until the bottom of my heart.

109. birthday wish you in this only belongs to your day to be happy to enjoy the relaxed, make up for your hard work this year.

110. birthday wish you every day in the growth are happy - happy birthday!

111. birthday blessing picks a star, take a cloud, into the envelope of thoughts, dedicated to you - the best day of the year.

112. birthday blessing in the birthday of today, all the joy and joy, and constantly flock to your window.

113. birthday blessing in your body, I understand the meaning of life, see the real light of life ... ... I wish you a happy birthday!

114. birthday blessing dream will fade, flowers will be withered, but you have had will accompany you forever, happy birthday!

115. birthday wish wave drives my blessing: happiness, good luck to you. Wish you a happy birthday! Happy every day!

116. birthday blessing come on truth on your birthday!

117. birthday wish now birthday does not gift, write a blessing to give you, if you are not enough, then I also go up Minato Happy Birthday!

118. birthday blessing enjoy you, enjoy your birthday!

119. birthday wish! I wish you a happy birthday!

120. beat. Happy Birthday!

125. birthday wish you happy birthday! Happy every year!

127. birthday wish good fragrance always around you, so that your life is full of joy and joy, forever in the endless joy of Love! Happy birthday to you!

128. birthday blessing today is your birthday, I never forget in this special day wish you birthday happy youth resident, more and more pretty girl!

129. birthday wish you a happy birthday, your kindness makes the world a better place, may this is your day to bring you happy, may the future of the icing on the cake!

130. birthday blessing is willing to haunt you, in your colorful journey of life, you always in the spring with the spring of the dream. I wish you a happy and happy thing! happy Birthday!

131. birthday blessing is transparent, the rain is ticking, the cloud is flowing, the song is free, love is intentional, love is crazy, the day is eternal, you are unforgettable. I wish you a happy birthday!

135. birthday blessing on this special day, I do not have a better blessing, just hope you can be happy, even let me have nothing.

136. birthday blessing you may not need my companions, and perhaps you do not care about my existence, but I will always remember today this day: I wish you a happy birthday!

138. birthday blessing network is illusory, the feeling is real, I have hearted for you There are no love wings in the sky, leaving a good memory.

139. birthday blessing really wants to be around you, to accompany you through this beautiful day, my heart with you. Love you in your heart.

143. birthday wish you have a long year of wrinkles, from the face of folds and a step closer! May the sun every day bring you light and bring you happiness.

144. birthday blessing in the clouds there is a touch of poetry, a touch of poetry in the joy of joy, the joy of my young blessing, happy birthday!

146. birthday blessing in this day belongs to you wish you a happy birthday you are happy every day, happiness, warmth and satisfaction!

147. birthday blessing for us, the greatest happiness than to understand their parents. I got this happiness and never lost it. So on your birthday, I say to you: Thank you!

150. birthday happy birthday! You happy so I am happy, you are not happy I am not happy. No matter who is happy, or wish you a happy birthday!

158. birthday blessing today is your birthday when you open the phone the first moment, I give you today's first blessing.

160. birthday blessing though I can not accompany you through this special day, in the distant place, I wish you a happy birthday!

162. birthday blessing no colorful flowers, no romantic verse, no precious gifts, no excitement of the surprise, only gently blessing, I wish you a happy birthday!

163. birthday blessing wish you birthday and year, to celebrate your birthday happily; every year today, the age of the present; congratulations you, congratulations

164. birthday blessing gently wishes, than a thousand words, when the sound of your birthday ring, do not forget my blessing, I wish you a happy birthday!

166. a birthday blessing your birthday, but also your mother's day of suffering, please do not forget to celebrate their birthday at the same time to the mother heartfelt blessing. Please remember!

167. birthday blessing is your birthday, although the broken love so that we become unfamiliar to each other, but I never forget your birthday. Happy birthday!

168. birthday blessing teacher, teacher, dear teacher! September 10, your birthday! Students wish you forever happy!

170. birthday blessing on this special day, I have nothing else, just want to let you know that every year today, you will receive my blessing, feel my love, love forever!

171. Birthday Blessing Professor tests a 6-year-old boy with intellectual early maturity. Professor asked: what day is your birthday? Child: February 20. Professor: Which year? Child: every year.

172. birthday blessing Although you can not spend this special day, my blessing is still on time to send: in your colorful journey of life, happy Birthday!

173. birthday blessing a lady into a pet shop, to buy a puppy sweater. The salesman asked her to bring the puppy to see the size. Miss: No, I want to give it a surprise on the day of his birthday.

174. birthday blessing that meteor can be responsive, if you can I am willing to wait in the night sky, wait until a star was touched by me, for me across the stars with my blessing fall on your pillow. happy Birthday!

175. birthday blessing prays for your birthday, to bring you one of the most magnificent and most magnificent life.
The birthday of the wife to remember that his wife to spend money to be willing, his wife to curse to be able to bear, the wife is going to obey, his wife ordered to obey, his wife wrong to obey;

176. birthday blessing Some people say that there is no eternal love in the world. I'm wrong! Mother is eternal, the mother is a falling star.

177. birthday bless aunt gave me a mini-walkie-talkie as my birthday gift, she said that if I am well-behaved, next year will give me another one.

178. birthday blessing to you, endless thoughts and blessings, and wish you a happy birthday!

179. birthday blessing husband home from getting off work, see the table box cake, above three candles. He asked: "Who birthday?" Next to his wife coldly replied: "is my body this dress, it is now 3 years old!

180. birthday blessing last birthday is really bad, my car is broken, and then my girlfriend abandoned me. This is not enough, a friend sent me a card, wrote was: I wish you every year like this birthday!

181. birthday wish to give you a wife is both economic and let her very happy birthday gift? Give her an anonymous love letter!

183. birthday blessing! Old friend, today is your big birthday! At this moment, I want to give you 10 million asked and greetings, this is the most valuable "shabby"!

184. birthday blessing today is your birthday, would like to live with you too. Narcissus bloom, so you come back. Happy birthday, happy forever.

185. birthday blessing to send you a gift, I am a voice. Year old new knowledge, age is more progress. Happy Birthday!

186. birthday blessing year, today belongs to you: your birthday, your birthday. I congratulate you, this card, and sincere heart, are yours.