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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Text Messages and Sms

Unfortunately the battery was empty
And sending was so hard.
Then the cell phone lay long on the current
And I thought so.
The SMS she lost,
You were born yesterday.
Happy Birthday! 

I thought I was waiting until today
Because now you are even more pleased.
I have not forgotten you,
I just had no light.
And write in the dark,
I'd rather leave that.

Sorry, can sometimes happen,
Go to the kidneys.
Forget the birthday full,
I've been obsessed,
This SMS typed,
Am totally freaked out.
All the best, much too late,
Because sending is now going. 

I'm very sorry,
I even forgot the time,
To congratulate you punctually,
Now I am embarrassed.
All the best! 

My phone had disappeared.
For days not for hours.
This is the reason why I today,
The birthday bells only ring.
Belated best wishes. 

Attention attention,
This is a warning.
No nonsense, everything just camouflage.
And because time runs like this,
I missed the birthday too.
Late wishes and all the best! 

I admit, I missed,
That you already have a birthday.
I'm sorry and do not be angry,
Retro Happy Birthday with dove. 

With the SMS a short tone,
My greetings come.
Would you rather read them,
It would have been punctual.
The best wishes afterwards! 

Go to your phone,
My SMS is already waiting.
If too late,
But not at all bad,
Are greetings for you.

Sorry, it's too late,
But I hope it goes.
The SMS is finished,
Now only to say.
All the best! 

My SMS running,
The birthday full.
It has fallen now,
Quickly rushed to the mobile phone.
SMS typed and sent,
For the birthday of a lot of luck. 

SMS it is very important,
Yes You read correctly.
I made a stroke,
To the birthday not thought.
After all, good luck! 

My message should flash,
For I am waving.
For a birthday
I wish you all the best
Happy Birthday!

Belatedly happy Birthday.
When you are busy, the time is rushing past you, but birthdays do not wait.
So it will be a bit late when these greetings arrive.
But when it comes to someone like you,
That our thoughts were always in time, only the greetings are not.

I've gagged like a crazy "retrospective birthday wish" and "late birthday greetings" and "sorry for the missed birthday", but the best greeting comes from my heart when I say "I hope you had a great birthday".

You live your life in the fast lane, but I move a bit slower.
This is the reason why I celebrate your birthday later. Belated all the best.

Better late than never, right? Hope you had a great birthday.

Even if these greetings come a bit late, the hearty wishes are good every day.

I hope your birthday was funny and fantastic, have a wonderful year.

Double kisses and triple hugs are still there today,
To make sure that I congratulate you too late for the birthday!

To forget a birthday is not to forget the person. I would like to congratulate you on my birthday.

These wishes come a little later so you can celebrate longer! happy Birthday

I can be wrong, I can be crazy,
But I can not be too late to wish you a happy birthday.

Sorry, I'm a little late with my birthday congratulations, but the cat was stuck in the toilet.

My dog ??has eaten your congratulations, so my birthday wishes come a little later.

Hi, I was abducted by aliens and I have just come back. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but all the best afterwards!

I'm sure you did not expect a punctual birthday greetings from me and you know how I hate to disappoint you.

No, I did not forget your birthday, I only wrote my wishes a little late as a message.
I hope you had a great birthday and wish you a fantastic coming year.

How should I remember your birthday when you never look older? If my birthday greeting is the last, it means that he is also the youngest Happy Birthday

I had to check the calendar today. I'm sorry, I really missed it. I hope you do not hate me for that! I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday. 

As they say? - Better late than never. I just thought about it today, so I would like to wish you all the best for your 18th birthday. Welcome to the world of adults.

And again a whole year passes,
50 years already, how wonderful.
I congratulate later, it is clear.
Unfortunately, I did not manage it before,
But please do not say I have to be in custody.

Your birthday is already over,
To be told to me is not the same thing.
On the 40th I therefore say all the best,
I wish you all love on the further route. 

Unfortunately I was really very stressful,
Because it happens times that I forget it.
At a late hour I say:
Congratulations to me the next round!

 Also, if the cake has long since been eaten, 

I did not forget your birthday.
So I tell you all the best today,
I hope you have a good time with the pack. 

I give it to this time I've failed,
I had just dreamed too much yesterday.
That is why I say it today,
Congratulations, here is your prey!

I'm sorry I missed your birthday last week. I wish you all the best and best afterwards. Greet your parents! 

All love for the birthday later. Unfortunately, I have only learned today from your anniversary. I wish you all the best in life, fame and a sack of money . 

I know what I do for things,
How shall I do this again?
With your birthday something too late,
I'll tell you all the best if that goes !? 

Hope you did not take this to me,
I came late for my birthday.
However, I congratulate later,
It is also really a great disgrace. 

At late hours I congratulate,
You thought I forgot you.
But I have only thought of you today,
The days just made too much stuff.

Happy Birthday retrospectively! 

I would like to congratulate you today on the 50th birthday,
Without losing me in long sentences.

Happy Birthday and good luck for the coolest birthday child in the world! 

You have a place deep in my heart,
Even if are already from all candles,
I tell you congratulations now,
If you want to knock me, please do so now.

With me a lot of the dimes,
As if all the candles were extinguished.
I am ashamed of all this,
Your birthday has been so long ago.
Congratulations still from me,
Afterwards everything love you. 

I know that I must be ashamed,
Later this birthday.
All love let you go,
Promised next time we will see sooner.