Free Animated Wedding Anniversary Mobile Ecards send through SMS text message and WhatsApp

Whether it is a woman or a man, in the wedding anniversary of such an important day, want to get another love of love and blessing. So in addition to gift and is also very important to send Animated Gif through SMS Text Messages. In the wedding anniversary of such an important day, many people think that gifts can be, and do not need to use other means to express love. If you think so, it is wrong. send our cards through whatsapp text message

Text Messages and SMS !

1, love is the source of all power, since we love, what the world we can not solve the problem?

2, offer sincere love, rose on behalf of my heart, my dear!

3, you are my click of miss, refresh in the browsing space, your laughter has been archived, add the wish in the restart.

4, love is not right or wrong, only the depth of deep to unforgettable; superficial to no words.

5, the plane took off in my release, my dear, can not tell you today, really sorry, but my love, I release each plane represents my thoughts on your flying.

6, want to be with you, as long as you always happy, is the happiest thing in my life, because you are happy so I am happy, really love you, really want to be with you.

7, safflower green leaves green apple, a few days do not want to die me, you are a former lamp, illuminate my second half, tonight Sparkling, where you are romantic, if conscience found, please eat me tomorrow.

8, to the edge of the poly, edge to do with the scattered. Can become a lifetime of friends and accompanied to the end of time, it is precious not

9, a leaf cover, you can not see the forest, if you have a piece of green leaves, I do not forest, I like is the best, give you an example.

10, swans fly birds do not return, good words to the head to accompany the two; accept it is not love, you have no intention to blame? Guess it?

11, good girl to marry home to love to make friends seriously. You are a good girl, and I can not marry you, nor can you make friends with you. Just want you to understand that this is not a person's crush!

12, my dear, I want all the sunshine for you bright, all the flowers for your bloom, I wish the Valentine's Day happy!

13, whenever the dead of night, a touch of sadness and sorrow, often so I can not sleep, I know my heart still can not forget you ...

14, love is actually very simple, a look, an action, maybe later will no longer meet, but that moment, the air is indeed filled with the taste of love.

15, you love me the number of times a hand can count, but in your gaze eyes I feel this life are endless happiness. Love, not necessarily have language.

16, a touch of sadness, a touch of thoughts, long time for a long time, but you still

17, love you, is a warm sad, is a romantic feeling, is a soft posture, but also a want to say but have to say love! Dear, happy wedding day!

18, the end of the month before the beginning of the life of the oil and oil, love let us into the fortress of the situation, how they say, still happy, wife, wedding anniversary happy!

19, between the lovers need to have eight words, that is: trust, understanding, tolerance, understanding. Now I use these eight words to bless our love, we would like a happy life, love forever.

20, my dear, today is the wedding anniversary, specially prepared love feast; first drink a cup of aperitif, in the taste of cool and tender tenderness, warm mix of true feelings, stir-fried love, brave change; Sweet words, and finally drunk passionate honey soup! Along the way with you, with me joy to accompany me worry, this sincere love, I will cherish a lifetime. Marriage anniversary couples greeting greetings.

21, I like life only pure hope, only a stable and slow growth, like the years rumored over the color, like that sing out of the song, more like the person who received the gift of life for a lifetime partner.

22, the road is step by step out of the. Love is a little bit back in. Life is such a page is really live live! I cherish my life, cherish you more!

23, my dear wife: you are crazy, I am stupid, wrapped around you around the End of the World; wandering horizon, today to take you to see sea vast, mountain long water wide do not recognize the family.

24, you are the most shiny note in my life, my life is wonderful for you! May the good music spectrum be filled with every morning and evening.

25, the most rare life has a sincere love, whether it is now or a distant future, we protect each other today's love. Surrounded by flowers like you and I spend every morning and evening, that white rose is not your pure and refined face? Around you is my deep love, after the day I will, as always!

26, a lifetime of waiting is not a simple and pale vows, but countless days of the same boat together.

27, we meet, so with love. We fell in love, so there is a marriage. We got married and got home. Wife, wedding anniversary happy, let us join hands in creating a better life!

28, life for my hand, never abandon the white head. Wind and rain, bitter music share, even if the temples are gray, a total of your fingers closely watching the sun. Love you never change.

29, ten years of repair with the boat crossing, a hundred years to repair a total sleep pillow. In the vast sea of people to find him her, is clearly a section of the Millennium; countless accidental accumulation of inevitable, how can not be carefully engraved on the results of the three stone? With the true care of the edge of it, true love you.