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Birthday Wishes Blessings SMS and Text Messages !

3, if the heart is near, the distant road will be short. Card is small, affection really!

4, soft breeze quietly sent me to you ... always care, deep blessing!

6, do not say anything, all the explanations are redundant, including crying each other Road, solemnly, and then to their own tomorrow, and finally leave this card: happy birthday!

9, things for the stars move, will not stay for us, only you my love, forever hidden in the heart of the heart, I wish you a happy birthday!

10, there are trees, there is my thoughts; have your place, there is my deep blessing, I wish you a happy birthday!

11, today to make your birthday, you no longer my eyes in this spring wind, do a kite to send you, carrying my endless thoughts.

12, love makes people silly, love is a bunch of silly words, love letters are silly Dictionary, lover is a little fool. Happy birthday, my little fool!

13, birthday is commemorative, because since that moment, many things in the somewhere, with a re-arrangement, including you and I meet. Acquaintance. Love. Let us cherish each other!

14, a red candle, full of our cup, do not have to say anything, only by swaying candlelight and crimson syrup, silently embody the joy of Proman - your birthday

15, tell me when you come again, cultivate my barren smile, tied me to the rudder of the boat, I wish you happy today!

17, on behalf of the party and the people warmly congratulate you on your birthday! I hope that under the guidance of the important thinking of the three representatives, earnestly carry out the 16 major spirit, advancing with the times, make persistent efforts to meet the next birthday!

18, brewing long, friendship blessing, in your birthday when affectionately give you - my best friend, this is my sincerity, may you be happy forever, happy, safe with you!

19, in your birthday day, dance the joy of the beat, hope your heart deep grass green, willing to belong to your day is the most beautiful, the most warm, the most romantic, the most memorable ...

20, beautiful birthday beautiful you, affecting my mind my thoughts, hanging in mind the future hanging in the past, let me crazy for you fascinated by you, in this beautiful day, especially to send my sincere blessing ...

21, in today's special day, I want to give you a kilogram of warm and romantic! One kilogram of peace and happiness! One kilogram of happy happy! And I can not tell the weight of the precious friendship: happy birthday!

22, I will not forget this special day, I deliberately called the sun to the happy sun sprinkled on you, I also specifically called the moon tonight to give you a sweet dream, I wish you a happy birthday!

23, in this special day, a sincere blessing to you, is a hard to erase the memory, an unforgettable friendship. Let the blessing filled with time and space, the joy into the mind. Happy Birthday!

24, a pair of eyes staring at you, there is a heart to follow you, there is a truth accompanied by you, there is a hands to soothe you, there is a waiting waiting for you, and I wish you in the distance! happy Birthday!

25, let the message to send you my blessing words, deep affection in this sincere mind, I wish your birthday full of endless happiness, may your memories of tomorrow warm, I wish you a dream in the new year come true!

26, to capture a bunch of thick poetic, let me tell you gently, I miss you in silence, so that good memories to stay in the memory, the warm wishes to you, would you like a happy holiday.

27, this holiday is like a key, opened these days to miss. Blessed flowers are talking about what we had hoped for. Happy holiday!

28, wish all the happiness, all the happiness, all the warmth, all the good fortune around you. happy Birthday!

29, in my memory on the screen to add a lot of good memories, like broom! Please take my deep wish all the joy to accompany you forever.

30, in this happy to share moments miss friends moments dream come true moments wish you festive!

31, in only one [happy birthday, dad], of course not what, but the festive auspicious day to your kindly blessing, but from my heart. May your birthday be happy and always like me!

32, I hope to live with you, depend on each other life, but today you can be spoiled, can be headstrong, you can ask me any request, as long as I do, I wish you a happy birthday.

33, flowers on the evening, picturesque. Wish you a happy birthday, warmth, happiness ...

34, I hope true joy to embrace you, this is your special day, I wish you a happy birthday!

35, sun and moon rotation forever, if the truth accompanied by a long, regardless of your body in the ends of the earth, I will always remember this day. Happy birthday to you!

36, let me bless you, let me laugh for you, because in your birthday today, my heart is the same with your joy, joy. Wish you happy!

37, I hope I was the first to you "Happy Birthday" friends, would like to be happy in this year, success!

39, in this special day, I want to say I am so happy, time did not change our friendship, I wish you happy life.

40, happy birthday, my dear friend, may you be happy every day, good luck every year, happy life!

41, when I wiped the lamp three times, the lights God asked me what wish? I said: I want you to help me bless a person who is looking at text messages, hope that people happy birthday, always happy.

43, the sea ah he is all water, spider ah he is all legs, pepper ah he really spicy mouth, know you ah really do not regret it. Happy birthday, happy every day from ear to ear.

44, longevity, I wish you all hope can do so, all the dreams can be achieved, all the waiting can appear, all the pay can be honored.

45, you are so poor Oh, today is clearly your birthday but also to work, but it does not matter, because you received my blessing, I believe you will be very happy today!

46, on the occasion of your birthday, sincere offer of my three wishes: a wish you are healthy; two wish you happy; three wish you all the best.

47, memorable is your pure friendship! Thank you for the truth! Happy to be able to meet you! Offer my favorite carnations and wish you a happy birthday!

48, there is a word has not dare to say to you, but when you do not say no chance when you birthday: you really hate ... ... pleasing, never tired!

49, today is your birthday, in order to congratulate, all female and female bathroom are free to open to you, welcome to visit!

50, I hope I was the first to you "Happy Birthday" friends, is willing to happy this year, success!

51. birthday blessing you in such a moving way to congratulate my birthday, really thoughtful, generous, I will cherish the gift, to thank you for your affectionate.

52. birthday blessing Thank you remember my birthday, how do you just do not call you? Can you call me?

53. birthday blessing youth tree longer and more verdant, the longer the more beautiful life flowers. On your birthday, please accept my deep blessing for you.

54. birthday blessing really happy today is your birthday, honestly that I am God to give you a gift, I hope this gift is not too bad, I wish you happy!

55. birthday blessing this season's blooming exceptionally beautiful, you can see that it is because I use the emotions in the watering, just waiting for your birthday gift you wish you like.

56. birthday blessing waiting, only to meet with you. Maybe no one will believe that this moment of flaring light, will reflect you and me long life. Little Swan, Happy Birthday!

57. birthday blessing pick a snowflake, the blessing string into a white tree hanging, for your birthday dedication of a bright heart flower.

59. birthday blessing every year today, are my most worried about your day. Although you have forgotten who I am, but I still want to say to you, I wish you happy.