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Birthday Funny Wishes!
  1. Dear friend, I wish you today, endless blessings, endless gift, with endless happiness! on this beautiful moment, I bless you, happy birthday!
  2. Eat drink be merry get a solid sleep and be healthy. Know the cold know warmth of life. Happy birthday my friend, am happy to be with you.
  3. Today is your birthday, may you be happy to have a good time. My heart has been there, it seems you are always in front of me, you are so charming and lovely, you are the most beautiful in my eyes, you are in my heart always.
  4. I seized the Aladdin lamp, it promised to meet my wishes, I finally got the idea to make you richest man in the world because your birthday is coming, so just hoped for you - happy birthday!
  5. Although only a little greeting, but that I won't miss; although only a gentle blessing, but that is my voice; although only a heart song, but that lines with our friendship, have a good birthday mood!
  6. Long absence leads to infinite expectations. Finally let me wait until today, let me be intoxicated, let me get crazy. Although its the day of the party, the infinite truth is: I wish you a happy birthday!
  7. You are like a beautiful painting. happy birthday! Years are always shorter and shorter, the birthday is always coming faster and faster, friendship is always getting thicker, my blessing is getting deeper and deeper.
  8. You use a beautiful ring of ink fragrance compiled calendar, every year I will be in this page on the calendar with a deep love to miss your birthday!
  9. You and I met a long time ago! Unforgettable is your pure friendship! Thank you for being a true friend.Happy to be able to meet you! Offer my favorite carnation, bless you on your birthday.
  10. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you all your hopesto0 be fulfilled, all the dreams can be achieved, all the waiting can appear, all the pay can be honored
  11. Blessing is a warm feeling; having friends, is a lifetime of blessing.Every man's birthday is a special day, today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday!