Birthday Mobile Ecard: Wishes for Love send via Text Messages or WhatsApp

Use your life to embark on the trip called away all negatives. Best wishes for a happy birthday.

As I looked into the calendar I found your birthday is here.we raise a full glass of wine and wish you good health.

Beautiful is life and beautiful is the world, you are only 20 years old. Always be good as you are now, and keep smilimg….

Today is a special day, may the cake make your life be sweet every day, candles for you to light up the road ahead you, I will always bless your birthday. happy Birthday!

I wish you a happy birthday, your kindness makes the world a better place, may this day bring you happiness, may the future be the of the icing on the cake!

Birthday Wishes to Love!

In your lonely, sad days, please quietly read my name. And say to yourself Some people miss me, in the world in whose heart I live forever.

I wish my heart is a flower, blooming in your sky.. on your birthday to add a little warm atmosphere, for your happiness and bloom to become a beautiful Birthday song.

I wish my blessing lingers you, in your colorful journey of life, in your flying rainbow in the sky. I wish you a happy birthday! Good mood every day! Always be beautiful!

In the joy of autumn harvest may you plant a hopeful season ahead. happy birthday. step up.

With all my love wish you a happy birthday! I'll be by your side when you need me. Wish you happy birthday love you year after year!

The distant bells ring I awake in the dawn; watch ticking slowly, I write the blessing that may you have all good things in surplus; think of the special situation on your birthday today; the last birthday Blessing: may happiness and sweetness go hand in hand.

Again and again, I meet you. again and again at the fall of time and time again .you can see in my eyes my attachment to you. The original love is a feeling of, calmness and, warmth.