Mobile Phone Birthday Ecards for Brother and Sister

Happy Birthday sms for Siblings

1, happy birthday, happy every day from time to time! You have a touch of light in the clouds, a touch of poetry in the joy of joy, the joy of my gentle blessing, happy birthday!

2, wish my dear brother healthy and healthy, academic success, happy every day, happy birthday! The The

3, I wish you to eat big fish and meat; singing beautiful accompaniment; day into the gold is not enough; dare with the turtle than life. happy Birthday!

4, on the day of your birthday, please let me say hello to you, Your birthday is happy, "plus a package of" thought more things! Good mood every day! "

5, year after year, sincere blessing with you, would like to happy, happy! happy Birthday!

6, a greeting, a blessing, all wish, life happiness, I peace. I wish my brother a happy birthday!

7, little brother, happy birthday! In this happy day let me use a sincere blessing spread in every corner of your side! Bless you, happy birthday

8, I hope I was the first to you "Happy Birthday" friends, is willing to happy this year, success!

9, although we did not give each other birthday, we are still friends wish you a happy birthday no matter how we will bless each other tomorrow will be better.

10, childhood is the cicadas on the tree, is the frog in the water, is the short song of the flute, is the companion of the fans. Childhood is carefree, happy and beautiful, whenever we vividly recall the childhood of the interesting, his face will always be filled with rosy glory. Brother, happy birthday!

11, although the correspondence is so rare, meet the moment is so short, each other's friendship but we closely together. Happy birthday!

12, the dawn of the beginning of happiness in your side sunny smile in your heart sunset past the mountain with your day. Care for your friends on this day I wish you a happy birthday forever happy

13, kiss your time collection, there is a smile touched, kiss your time planning, there is a goal of the effort, kiss your time moments, there is a greeting sent, my dear, happy birthday.

14, my dear brother, every day in life for your blessing, because my life is always thinking about you! Sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

15, my dear brother, the birth of each creature, gave this colorful world to add a color, and you are the most beautiful one. Today is your birthday, all the good luck are around you, I wish you a happy birthday!

16, my dear, in your birthday this occasion, so that all the blessings and warmth are installed in this little text messages, send you warm! Let my blessing fly to your side, happy birthday!

17, every year today, in my unusual, baby birthday, how dare to forget, the text of the lead, chatting my mind, surprise in succession, only for you happy, wish my baby beautiful moments

18, year-old flower similar to the age of different people. On the occasion of your twenty - one - year - old birthday, I sent my best wishes. May you be happy in the new year.

20, you and I met for a long time! Unforgettable is your pure friendship! Thank you for the truth! Happy to be able to meet you! Offer my favorite red roses and bless your birthday.

21, your birthday to, I will be happy all the happiness and happiness are packaged to you, melt into this message, you can not live up to my blessing, grew up a year old, to be happier!

22, memorable is your pure my family, valuable is the same true feelings, brother, happy birthday!

23, every year is a poem spilled picture, beautiful face, every day is a melody to write a smile, happy day, I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you every minute and seconds have peace and happiness to accompany,

24, every flower would like to bloom, every tree would like to tower, every firefly want to light your birthday day, I have a dream, to bless you happy every day.

25, without you, the world will collapse half; with you, the world will be happy; met you before the world is a wilderness, after you, the world is a paradise. Dear, happy birthday!

26, no money to help you buy a cake, send a text message to make you smile; can not help you reach a wish,
only pray that you happy every day; morning sun rises, wish your birthday wishes are achieved. happy

27, happy and happy is equal to the incomparable happiness, happiness and happiness is equal to the special happiness, peace plus peace is equal to always safe, healthy and healthy is equal to very healthy. Wish you a happy birthday, happy!

29, I wish my brother happy birthday! Send a gift to my brother, wish in the new year, the longer the higher the higher the more handsome, learning better and better! The

30, close the door, emerge your humorous words, straightforward temperament. You are trickling, moisten our hearts ... happy birthday ...

31, brother wish you one year old, long more and more Jun, always the most outstanding outside

32, infected with your partners! This is another starting point of life journey, may you be able to persevere to run down, to meet you will be that beautiful full of infinite charm of the future! happy Birthday!

33, brother, may your birthday full of endless happiness, may you remember today, warm, I wish you today's dream sweet, may you wish this year!

34, brother, may the cake of the fragrance always around you, so that your life is full of joy and joy, forever in the endless joy of Love! happy Birthday!

35, brother, happy birthday, early girlfriend Oh! Brother birthday blessing

36, brother, happy birthday, in this happy day bless you, girlfriend!

37, smart brother, brother, and sister, I wish you a happy birthday, the heart of things, the past wishful.
The The

38, the toilet behind the water, the train on the pressure over the legs, wrapped in bed sheets to install ghosts! I wish you a happy holiday!

39, You're two? How nice! Happy birthday twice.Hoping it's twice the fun of being two. More handsome! I wish you a happy birthday! May the joy of two years old!

40, you are my own little brother, and I am proud of you.With the happiest wishes for today and all year to a sweet little individuals whose first birthday is here. Cute little things, today you have the first birthday, the largest The happiness belongs to you today and every day.

41, With love and the very warmest birthday, and because you're a wonderful brother. Offer my love for you, wish you a happy birthday full of warmth, because you are the most lovely brother.

45, Hope your birthday is like you - special. A Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is like you - it is unusual.

46, Hope your birthday is a super-special one with all ice cream you can eat and loads and loads of fun! I hope your birthday is particularly enjoyable, ice cream to eat enough, the play is happy and happy!

47, Here's hoping that your special day is such a happy one, You're sure to say "my goodness, but a birthday is lots of fun." May your birthday be particularly happy, you will say: Birthday is so funny! "

Every birthday is a milestone for our journey of life. May your birthday be a good thing.

49, because you're someone who's so very special, someone who deserves the very best - not only on your special day but always, you're wished the things that make you happiest. Because you are such a passionate person, A person with the highest reward - wish you the greatest happiness, not only in your birthday, and always happy.

50, As a little brother, you're the greatest, but your good points do not stop there.As a person and friend, you're the nicest anywhere. , As a friend and a friend, no matter where you are the best. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Text Message and SMS for Sister

1, wish you a happy birthday tomorrow, good health, happy life, happy over every day; remember to take good care of their own body, your health is our greatest wish!

2, I wish my sister happy birthday! Happy every day! The

3, I wish my sister the longer the more beautiful it is both happy and happy, every day like spring spring often.

4, I wish my sister the longer the more beautiful!

5, wish my sister happy birthday, love sweet, happy marriage, family fun, but also wish the brother-in-law work smoothly, healthy and happy.

6, bless sister, happy birthday, work smoothly, every day a good mood!

7, blessing my sister happy birthday, everything goes with ... every year there is today ...

9, as roses cute wish your birthday to bring you happy because you are the most lovely sister this greeting card to you wish you a happy birthday!

10, this moment I have the deepest thoughts, so that clouds take full of blessings, embellishment of your sweet dreams, my sister would like to spend a warm and romantic birthday. Happy birthday to her sister!

12, in this special day, send a heart flower, this flap with the heart of the flower, your colorful and relaxed life decorate

15, willing my blessing haunted you, in your colorful journey of life, in your forever with the spring borders of the dream. I wish my sister: I want to be happy and happy! happy Birthday! forever happy!

16, yes my blessing is a flower, blooming in your sky, for you embellishment of the most beautiful years. A text message, a few words, will be deeply sincere expression, I wish you a happy birthday.

18, long clouds there are faint poems, where the joy of the rain, the joy of the joy of the true blessing today is my sister's birthday,

I wish my sister happy birthday, Healthy long with Than the stars are warm is the light, warmer than the light is blessed; than the ocean is wide sky, wider than the sky is blessing. If the message is a star, then my blessing is the stars. Happy birthday to her sister!

19, with the shining candle into the sister's wish, so that they all in the sister's birthday that day, and occasionally did not happen to do not worry, it is time to wait for my sister's wishes. I wish my sister a happy birthday and my dream come true. Look at the beautiful and charming, miss the sister's face, looking clouds clouds elegant, miss the sister's good period, gently hold your breath, too far away or can not feel the sister, blessing and sister inseparable, happy birthday smile beautiful!

21, a bowl of longevity, I wish you good health, two red eggs, I wish you more blessing, I wish you Lu often, life and take a move chess, I wish you a happy birthday!

22, a greeting, a blessing, all wish, life happiness, I peace. Happy birthday to her sister!

23, late at night! Countless stars lit up, we write your name in the sky, when the meteor across, you can send our thoughts and blessings to you!

24, woke up at first glance want to see you! Want to hear your voice! Looking at me this little room so I thought a lot of thought of a happy scene with us happy. Happy birthday to her sister!

25, little bit of stars in the sky flashing fluorescence, surrounded by colorful beautiful dream, bless you this year's wish, you can achieve one by one in front of you, I wish my sister thought!

26, the blessing of my sentence, sent my voice to the greetings, my dear sister, today is your birthday, in this day belongs to you, my sister wish you a happy birthday! Forever happy!

27, offer my love for you I wish you a happy birthday because you are the most lovely sister! Happy birthday to her sister!

28, offer my love for you, wish you birthday is full of warmth, thank you have been concerned about my care and care, I wish my beautiful optimism of the warm and healthy self-confidence of the vibrant sister happy birthday!

29, I like the spring green everywhere, like the summer sun like fire, like the fall of the Maple Leaf wandering, like the winter snow-capped. But I prefer every year today for you to send my sincere blessing: sister, happy birthday, happy forever!

30, I am a person who does not like a virtual gift. My gift no matter how much to pay the water and not to return. But also with a moment of happy and transferred to the people who do not know, just a state of mind a kind of happy a happy. However, this birthday cake I left for a long time, I was few of the few personally presented. Just because the sister's real birthday is coming.

31, I hope the night also hope, looking forward to hope, looking forward to today, the arrival of my sister; I laugh at night laughing, Huan also Huan also, the birth of my sister, the beautiful world. Baby, today is my sister's birthday, my sister is also full of wonderful future!

32, we are destined to become siblings, is my past life repair blessing, today is your birthday, hope my blessing can bring you a better future, when you are not happy to remember that my brother in the care You, when you are tired, please believe that as long as there are brothers in the. Do not worry about the burden of life can put you pressure boast. Happy birthday to her sister!

33, I cut the first words of happiness, decoration in your birthday blessing, I picked up the most beautiful memories of a happy, collection in your faint years, my sister, happy birthday, happy wishful.

34, at night smile, sleep a happy: morning smile, all day life mood: work while laughing, the heart will follow the music jump! The

35, send a sister a greeting card, may sister every year today hee shabu shabu; send a sister card, hope sister years old music Jia Jia; send sister side handkerchief, hope sister every day happy twitter; send sister a bouquet of flowers, Sister birthday happy laugh haha! Greetings like a string, playing a busy life; blessing, like a line, the sister of my friendship pull Confidant is a lifetime forever, willing to be happy and sister connected, I wish my sister happy birthday, wonderful life every day.

36, birthday to receive my information, happy number of happy first, look at the information becomes beautiful, angry rose can not be more than the youthful face put brilliant, agate glory back, thick hair drop shoulders, incomparable tenderness wins angel. Happy birthday yo!

37, daylight to give you a mature, Yuet Wah add your charming, in your birthday this day, the comet's blessing together into your happy source, flock to you ... ... birthday blessing for my sister

38, life is like sitting Sightseeing ladder, every rise of a layer, will be overlooking the more beautiful scenery. Congratulations to my sister, in the life of the Ferris wheel, every success. I hope my sister in the joy and happiness in the linger, I wish my sister happy birthday!

40, the longer the green tree the more verdant, the longer the life of the more beautiful, the birth of each person gave the world to add a color, and today you are the most beautiful one. May you be in the days to come, happy mood and your brilliant smile, always forever in your side. Happy birthday to her sister!

41,the flower of life more and more gorgeous, in your birthday this day, please accept my deep wishes to you. May you in the birthday of the day, full of green Imagine, golden dream……

42, the meteor shower of the sky, is my blessing to your heart, the endless stream of rivers, is my investment to your endless greetings.We want to start falling rain dripping your heart of worry, like the golden sunshine full of your feet In this unusual day, I do not have a thousand words, can only quietly sent my sincere wishes: I wish my sister happy birthday, the future of the icing on the cake!

43, valuable is forever the truth! Offer my favorite carnations and wish you a happy birthday.

44, today is your birthday: strong affection surrounded by you, thick world bless you, again and again with you, all the friends care about you, sweet greetings bless you: happy birthday Oh!

45, today is my sister birthday, I really can not get at 12 o'clock in the first blessing sister, but my blessing is not the worst, I have the most sincere heart, the best wishes, with the most gentle voice bless sister: Happy birthday sister happy birthday.

47, today my sister and a long one year old, I offer the life of God, specifically for my sister sent a charm, a mature, a wisdom. I also do not hesitate to defy destiny, secretly prepared for the sister of a blessing, my sister wish my sister happy birthday.

48, today, you add a year old, plus a charm, plus a mature, plus a wisdom.

50, light sister in your birthday on this day, we will be happy notes, as a gift to you, you are 365 days a year happy, safe and peaceful.

51, two-year-old youth, high tide mood became a group of lush, a vibrant. In the flow of gold years, elegant we have passion, with heroic. Wearing a blame, the heart of a dedicated, through the desert of life, through the cowardly life, so that the wandering footprints out of the youth of the boldness. Out of the twenty years old free and easy, because we want to use hard sweat for the twenties to add a little bright color, because we want to use the most enthusiastic colors as the brilliant background of youth. Make life more glorious!

53, a touch of candlelight, alcoholic wine, soft music, sweet cake, thick affection, really greetings, all for you, because today is your birthday: I wish you a happy birthday.

54, no matter how far away from our distance, care for your heart is always the same.

55, put each piece of petals in the melody Imagine, put each color in the eyes of meditation, life, the most perfect time, life, the most perfect event, my dear sister, I wish you a happy birthday, always happy.

56, the spring to keep, so that your birthday colorful; from the summer to take green, so that you are full of vitality; the fruit of the autumn off, so that your birthday eclipse delicious; the beauty of the winter show, sister, wish you birthday happy!