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Birthday wishes for Dear ones, Aunt, Uncle and Inlaws

Elderly Birthday Text Messages and SMS

You are my respect for the elders, I will always thank you for your care, today for your celebration birthday, and sincerely wish you bless the door, longevity!

Lovely uncle, today is your first birthday after retirement. You left for the struggle for more than 30 years of work, the hearts inevitably silence, it is recommended that you communicate with old friends, you will have a new feeling. Voltaire has a famous saying: the world of all the splendor of wealth as a heartfelt friend.

In celebration of your 75th birthday, send our blessings, I wish you health and longevity, always happy.

You often say: the fun of life as a deep spring, the deeper you dig, the more the gush of the more. You are an old man who is constantly digging the pleasures of life and is an example of our life. I wish you a happy life in the more live the younger!

You are the most respected elders in my heart. When I was almost desperate, help me out of the bottom of life, lead me to the light. Whenever your birthday is approaching, I always want to express the most sincere thanks, a thousand words, doubt into a: I wish you health and longevity!

Years rush, blink of an eye, our hearts that elegant and beautiful aunt has entered a retirement life. In your next birthday comes, send my blessing, I wish you forever young, always beautiful!

Although you have enjoyed the grandchildren 's grandchildren in exotic, we still lit the birthday candle for you, and this candle light will send our blessings to your side.

Today is your birthday, no matter how far away from us, but the younger generation of blessings and thoughts will not be diluted by the distance. Bless you, year old safe, happy every day!

Dedicated to open-minded uncle, because in my heart, you are always particularly valuable, and today I can tell you, of course, do not miss the opportunity. Happy birthday to you!

The second sentence: It's fun to send these wishes for an exception happy to an uncle who is nice in every way.

In a particularly happy day, to the perfect uncle birthday, really called me happy full of heart.

It is not easy to be flat. It is really easy - I wish my uncle that you are in good health and your career. Wish you a happy birthday, happy and happy! Bless you, years of peace, happy every day, live more and more young! Years are always shorter and shorter, the birthday is always faster and faster. Can not keep the time to make your life to the best, keep the message sent to go is my deep memory. Really hope that the blessing of the younger generation to bring you joy!

the young years have gone through, the years into the wasted, the years of life for the family, hardships of the years of grinding, today is my uncle birthday, I wish uncle healthy and happy, blessing a lot! healthy, happy birthday

every year today, are nephews most worried about your day; willing to piece of maple leaves, in the morning breeze sent to my pure wish, willing to your youth tree longer and more verdant, the longer the more colorful flowers, Happiness in every spring, summer, autumn and winter, happy birthday! Uncle good health, happy birthday

birthday candle burning, this moment affectionate like the sea. So close grip, any colorful flowers, any blessing of the blessing filled you, so let the real dream of a permanent, any old, any time wasteland. Wish uncle you good health, happy birthday!wish uncle happy birthday, happy every day, I hope you want something, all the best, and I wish you and
aunt are healthy!

Creamy scent, time of the seasoning, I hope you have the most beautiful aftertaste; fruit nutrition, sunshine bright, I hope you have the most beautiful future. Hope this beautiful birthday cake to uncle's most happy birthday blessing. Wish uncle good health, happy birthday!

where is there, and there is a treasure, and where is there, and there is time, and where is there, that is, The nephew gave her uncle 's birthday wish message. In this special day, I wish her uncle happy birthday! I wish you good health, happy birthday

I put the seeds of happiness in the spring bush buried in a healthy soil, so that auspicious light shine it, so that the spring rain watering it, so safe Spring dress up it, let the rich flowers open in your birthday, bless you! Wish uncle healthy, happy birthday!

dazzling sun, has been raised for you; blessing of the morning bell, has been sounded for you; tender and beautiful flowers, has been open for you; beautiful days, has quietly come. Wish uncle happy birthday! Wish uncle good health, happy birthday

Faint candlelight, the decoration of life, every kind of flashing, is a combination of love, every kind of flashing, are heart of sincerity, I wish you life is very bright, I wish you a bright future, happy birthday, four seasons alternating warm cold; moon transformation flat round; tree engraved ring ring; birds flew north and south north and south; golden autumn, fruitful happy; Birthday, SMS delivery wish: Cathay Pacific people! Uncle good health, happy birthday

Give you a birthday present, filled with my wishes for you. May your life on the road , the cause of the road forever, the road along the brilliant, affection on the road forever forever. Wish uncle happy birthday! Wish uncle good health, happy birthday

Blessing is a beautiful flower, blooming in the warm and romantic sky, only to decorate the warmth of the mood, for your birthday to add a bustling, is a happy pace, is the lucky bud, birthday smile blossom I wish you uncle happy, happy birthday

Every year is a poem spilled picture, beautiful face, every day is a melody to write a smile, happy day, wish uncle happy birthday, I wish you every minute and seconds have peace and happiness to accompany, physical health, happy Birthday

your birthday is coming? God, I almost forgot! Because the years did not leave any traces in your face, the vicissitudes of life did not lay the slightest discount in your temperament. Although the calendar tells me that you are mature for another year. I wish uncle healthy and happy birthday

Today is a special day in my life. In the joy and harmony of the atmosphere, I ushered in his 50th birthday, officially entered the ranks of the old man. As the saying goes: always old, taste good! Upgrade to an old man, which is the subjective adaptation to the historical process of social development, objectively meet the requirements of the scientific concept of development, therefore, today is definitely a celebration of the day.

I have always been concerned about me, take care of my many friends and relatives; have spurred me for many years to help my old leadership, old colleagues; have to fight with me, through the years of old comrades, old classmates; With my wife, twenty years of his wife. See you, let me think of fifty years of busy life, recollection of 50 years of ups and downs. I am fifty years, although ordinary, because of you, it is full of passion and enthusiasm, clean up the family and friendship. Here, I would like to sincerely say to
you: you, is my life the most valuable wealth, your concern and wishes are the greatest sources of my happiness. I would like to thank you for your kindness, care and support for me and the whole family over the years, thank you for the footprints that have left me in my life and the memories that have kept me forever.