Canadian Thanksgiving Mobile ecards - Cell Phone Greeting Cards Send Via Text Message SMS and WhatsApp

Canadian Thanksgiving Mobile cards Cell phone Greeting Cards Sens Via Text Message SMS and WhatsApp


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Canadian Thanksgiving Text Messages and SMS

Canadian Thanksgiving Text Messages and SMS for whatsapp and Facebook

1, your brilliant smile long left my heart, your cordial words forever with me, your passion to inspire me to move forward, your sincere help warm my heart, in this Thanksgiving Day approaching, Sincerely say hello to you: Thank you ...

2, thanks in this beautiful autumn night you gave me a beautiful feeling, let me think of it can feel the cool wind like a soft hand gently brush his face, blowing his neck, distant thoughts, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

3, the vast sea of ??people, the most is that you smile back moments gentle, like the riverside willow hanging shy, so I have long dusty mind blooming! Thank God let me meet you, I sent you a grateful heart to Thanksgiving blessing 4, you are the most beautiful leaves I have ever seen, so that my forest for you wither; you like a melody to my life More harmony, I can only use a small voice that thanks to small to only you can understand! happy Thanksgiving!

5, between heaven and earth there is a thing called snow, from heaven, landing and the world; there is a thing called love, self-attracting in the birth, sublimation in harmony; friends in a person is you, know the occasional, only permanent. Thanksgiving Day 6, people are always easy to trouble and dull life becomes numb, thank you for Thanksgiving SMS, let me know that not far away there are people quietly concerned about, but also taught me to heart of gratitude life!

7, once the strange does not mean eternal, inadvertently, some kind of tacit understanding of the continuation of your friendship, lonely journey, you can receive your earnest care and sincere blessing, I am delighted: Red you have your peers! Thanksgiving Day 8, I would like to be a migrant bird, in the way of migration with you fly; I would like to be an eagle, in the way of climbing to encourage you; I would like to be a turkey, you are in the Thanksgiving Day! Oh, this kind of friends enough control it! Thanksgiving happy!

9, a flower picked up for a long time withered also reluctant to lose, an umbrella for a long time to stop the rain can not remember the income, a long way to go to the end of the dark, the word thought for a long time to say ,Nice to have you!

10, give me my life, give me a porridge a meal, give me endless care, my heart there are infinite gratitude. In today, this Thanksgiving Day; also every day every moment!

11, although you saved my life twice, but that is your own willing, I can not ask you. Since I do not take your feelings, naturally do not have to say good words to shoot your ass.

12, how can I thank you, when I go to you, I wanted to harvest a ray of spring, you gave me the whole spring.

13, you and I separated by two, thoughts and expectations cast a waiting, waiting for the day, I want to say to you, thank you for your love, I want to use all my feelings to repay you, time to prove everything.

14, thank you for a long time to my care, take care, thank you, your kindness, I did not forget.

15, your life, the body from the parents, your emotions from the community and nature, your life comes from the care and help you, I still! We are blessing together for Thanksgiving!

16, life is extremely important three things is: with a tolerant heart to the world, to live; with happy heart to create the world, change life; with gratitude of the heart feel the world, feel life. Happy Thanksgiving!

17, God said: the so-called happiness is a grateful heart, a loyal love, a healthy body, a heart of the work, a bunch of trusted friends, when you receive this information, everything will be followed! With a grateful heart you will be happy forever!

18, today is Thanksgiving, to all the help me and my friends say thank you, thank you into my life, make it complete and meaningful. I am willing to give you infinite joy in my lifetime!

19, let us with a grateful mood, spend the festival together. happy Thanksgiving!

20, the fourth Thursday in November, is a Thanksgiving Day, I made the following text messages to my friend "Today is Thanksgiving, I want to say to you a happy holiday, thank you for your care and care When the afterlife is a cow, I will pull her for you. "

21, life put you in your heart, although not necessarily be able to keep thinking, life put you in a dream, even if you have broken up, thank you for many years to my love.

22, whether it is poor or rich, sick or healthy, always with you never betray, even if death can not separate us! Thank you for taking care of me for many years.

23, with a sincere business love , with the persistent pursuit of the cause, with good deal with friends, with a flat treatment of suffering, with piety pray for happiness, thanks to return to earth, love with love, love then wish, I wish you happy!

24, let us with a grateful feeling of life, for all those who care about us, start our smile!

25, thank you for your care, thank you for your help, thank you for everything you do to me ... please accept my most sincere wish: a lifetime of peace, wishful, healthy and happy!

26, to help my friends and my favorite friends say thank you, thank you into my life, so that my life is rich and beautiful, I would like to use my life time to bring you unlimited happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!

27, no matter how the future, I have to thank you, thank you came to my life, brought a beautiful, happy, thank you for the memories I always cherished. happy Thanksgiving!

28, wild goose no trace, leaves off silent, beautiful is the specific and real things, ubiquitous waiting for you, grateful to the beauty of this world, grateful to your presence, grateful to our acquaintance. happy Thanksgiving! forever happy!

29, often feel that they are a lucky person. No matter when and where someone always gives me help and care. Repeated experience, repeatedly convinced that we use love and tolerance to make my life bit by bit. Really thank you!