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Cute Text Messages and SMS

Cute, Sweet Text Messages and SMS:

1, according to the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that the phone before the phone in the water bubble for 1 minute, can completely avoid the electromagnetic waves on the human brain radiation, remember!

2, turtle and snake to see the movie, only a ticket, the turtle to the snake wrapped around the neck, admission, the ticket said: stop. Tortoise panic, the inspector satirical said: see you that turtle-like, but also play tie it!

3, your call balance is insufficient, please follow the prompts to recharge: a hundred yuan burned into ashes, open the phone cover, the ashes will be re-cover. Thank you for your cooperation!

Cute text messages for him:

5, send an email to you, afraid you pretend not to see; call you, do not know what to say; had noodles text messages to tell you: your kid now cattle? How long did not give me a security?

6, husband and wife in eating seafood stalls, husband: "I have to eat oysters, this thing impotence!" Wife: ", is very useful, the original 1 minute, now 3 minutes!

7, someone said you, like a professor at night, like animals at night I think they are wrong, because at night you off the clothes are animals, during the day you are not wearing a professor is a professor, is the clothing!

8, one day received a strange number of information, the content is: I wish your sister forever young, more and more beautiful! I'm puzzled and replied: Are you? The other side immediately reply your sister!

9, cool and refreshing eating watermelon, beauty is cucumber, bowel diuretic is a melon, the sweetest sweet melon, you are with them, you hide in the ground doing? So you are sweet potatoes.

Cute messages for her to wake up to:

10, monk learned after the return, the pig found that the Sun rise often do some strange moves to ask: monkey brother why do you? Sun rise said: Oh, went to India, learn yoga.

11, the bees and butterflies meet, the butterfly said: "You are stingy, full of sweet words do not speak to me!" Bee said: "You are more stingy, the head of two antennas do not send me a text message!

12, I am afraid to lose you, tighten you in my arms, I want you to stay with me forever, you leave me a distressed incredibly, I feel so deep to you, I think you will understand me, money!

13, love to listen to other people who are the people? Answer: Reporter. Who worked all day with oil and vinegar? Answer: chef. To participate in the violin grading (playing an animal) Answer: koala, test is pulling Well.

Sweet texts to make her smile:

14, CEO, you at home computer by pressing CTRL + C, and then on the company computer and then press CTRL + V certainly not works, even if the same article is not OK ... ... no, how expensive the computer will not work.

15, the amount of measuring the amount of bed and the amount of the wall, jumping on the bed of the amount of window, relying on the wall of the bed, the wall than the bed length, bed and window than the window length, but bed, bed and long wall, so the wall than the bed than the window Long, read not go to the wall.

16, you, from heaven, you fall on my back, looking at you look, so confused eyes, soon as "buzzing" let my heart cold ... ... this big summer, and mosquitoes!

17, the Expo, a love to join the lively people row for nearly five hours of the team, finally squeezed into the entrance, could not help but ask the front of the people: This is what country Pavilion? Just listen to the front of the people answer: WC!

Cute messages for friends:

18, encounter you, perhaps the arrangement of God, everything is so natural. You come from the crowd, deep eyes, looked up and down, until I was red, you only faintly said: fortune teller

19, everyday work tired; wages really less point; homesick time more points; you and I separated from the point; SMS short point; contact feelings deep point; think you read you more points; What time?

20, the way to hear an uncle excited to call: Yes! National football into the three balls! Yes! Is a soccer team! Is it right! Is a game with South Korea! what? other side? Yeah! The other side is also a soccer team!

21, rare and curious, seven turtles in the disco, six lions under the chess, five monkeys in the pear, four donkey chase Shu Qi, three mice beat TV, two crabs playing tai chi, a pig information.

22, go out to buy cold beef, suddenly one pull a dog through the dog eyes with me in the hands of the cold beef ran, the results of the owner in time to pull it, I clearly heard the owner with the dog said: rational point!

23, care about you I only care what I care about is care about your me, I care about you and care about you I care about what I care about you care about your me, the kind of halo it ...

24, someone would like to learn martial arts, find the five mountains and eight rivers, today to Hengshan somewhere, see the front plaque big book, greatly excited, hurry approached, under the two words: "!

Cute love messages for him:

25, summer, want to know the taste of the mouth at the entrance of a kind of milk fragrant, silky feeling, people intoxicated can not extricate themselves. back to my text messages will be sent to you.

26, I can help you count, you are not suitable for the opposite sex with the horse love, if you have to love with the horse can be, but do not kiss each other, because ... because the donkey lips do not mouth!

29: A: "stockings are a symbol of power, both to conquer men can conquer a woman." B: "how to say this?" A: "because women wear to conquer men, and men wear ... ... can conquer the bank ! "

30, friends say I was handsome, I do not recognize life and death, and finally they gave me a few thousand dollars, I reluctantly agreed! To be honest, I do not want to have this title, but in front of the money was forced to help!

31, go to the store to buy a box instant noodles, home on the road suddenly want to cry, why always eat so will not, do not own a good point? So tears ran back to the counter shouting: "The boss, and then the root ham!"

32, miss you, see a very happy thing. See you is a very happy thing. Love you is the thing I always do. Putting you in my heart is what I've been doing. However, lie to you, is just what happened.

33, a foreigner in the Chinese restaurant alone to eat hot pot. He first swallowed all the dishes, and then drink hot pot of soup, eat with relish, and finally to the waiter said: This dish is very good, and our Western food is very similar.

34, if you live unhappy, I give you care, if you feel unhappy, I give you care, if you are not easy, I give you love, if you really have trouble, then I shut down ...

35, according to statistics, one in every three people is brain damage. Anyway, I am not, the statistics of the people are not ... ... so you receive this information as a third person ... ... ha ha, a joke, be happy Oh!

36, grandmother: know how many years my grandmother and grandmother married? Grandson: 40 years. Grandma surprised to ask: how do you know? Grandson: I often listen to my grandfather said to you, "I have endured it all for forty years."

37, early in the morning, the monk woke up from a dream and found the Sun kneeling in front of his bed, and asked: "sun, how do you?" Sun tears said: "Master I ask you, Do not listen to the curse?

Cute text messages to send to your boyfriend:

38, white clouds drifting, that is what I want your traces; sun shining, that is what I want you feeling; rain falls, that is what I think of your evidence; thunder and lightning, that is my prayer to the day you were split ... ...

39, you stand downstairs, sadness in my heart. Gently close your eyes, any eye tide spread, wet salty salty. Rain or tears? Look up at the sky, you utter a roar ... who is pee upstairs?

40, a professional economic adviser to get the new business card angry to the manufacturers to call: how to engage in, my business card printed as a "professional Gu door", less a mouth! Separated by a few days, business cards to the above printed: professional Gu door.

42, a group of matches crowded together, the firecrackers saw the squeeze in the past, said: "Hey, brother, I also ... ..." not finished, listen to "bang" sound, matches said: "Brothers, heating do not dig heart Ok! "

43, monk: apprentice, we talk about, now how the 21st century on the West through the fastest? fly faster than riding a ride! Journey: God seven faster! Sand monk took out a gun: I heard that this thing will be able to give people on the West.

44, someone to eat, beef noodles can not see a piece of beef, they pointed to the bowl asked the boss: "beef noodles how no beef?" The boss said lightly: "Do not be too serious, do you expect to eat from his wife cake Wife?

45, I said to myself:  rabbit fine, you must be happy Oh! But he is the wind of the same man, smashing my elegant dignity, so I like a fireworks lonely ... ... stay good? Tang elders, the West will have a banshee love for me?

Cute things to text your girlfriend to make her smile:

46, Dad Sunday to buy a bowl of beef noodles to take home to the babe to eat, beibei Monday to Lily to show off the ramen delicious, Lily asked: Do you know how to do beef noodles? Babe thought to say: may be pulled out of cattle, right?

47, the cinema ban smoking, and in the story reached a climax, there is a man began to smoke, the whole screen shrouded in smoke. But no audience came out to protest, why is this? Answer: Smoke people for the characters in the movie.

48, high school class on a male sissy, there are times on the study when someone laughing his mother. He could not help but fire, and shot the table and stood up and shouted: "You want to say my sissy, be careful my aging mother I fell with you!

49, a shop promotion of women supplies. A group of women queuing up early in the morning to open the door, there may always be a man squeezed forward, the ladies again and again to launch. The man finally shouted, "You will not let me go again, I will not open the door.

52, one night, A Jun at home to read a funny book, his wife shut the lights. Despite the dark inside the house, A Jun still read the relish. Why is that? Answer: A Jun is blind, he read the blind book.

53, that night, hazy moon, cool breeze, surrounded by quiet, everything is suitable for doing that, when you slowly approached me, I was nervous bang bang bang, but I still soberly called ... someone was robbed!

54, my love for you, like the sea as deep; my love for you, like the waves as the surge; my worship of you, like a torrent of endless water, my deep feelings of your words: tumbling It!

55, lying computer: monitor: I am sorry! Every day is seen; keyboard: I am even worse! Every day to be hit; mouse: I was miserable! Every day was touched! Host: Do you have me miserable? Every day by the belly button.

56, the weather is cold, I send you a body brand thermal underwear, and then put on a caravan card sweater, and then put on a warm brand cotton coat, and then tied with a happy belt, I do not believe you wear this Not like a ... dumplings!

Long sweet messages to send to your girlfriend:

57, a pupil's essay: every morning I and my parents parted ways, at night and the same thing. Bad performance when the father with the room to play Ge, I beat the five body cast, my mother stood idly by, never courageous.

58, put you in your hand, silently incense, pray to get the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, and other accumulated enough 999 when the time, to the most beautiful you ... ... then I quickly ran away: sample, I do not believe not Come to bee sting you!

59, one in the cycling speeding, suddenly heard someone singing: GOGOGO. I thought, this song I will ah: ah tired ah tired tired Just listen to the boom of a fall in the ditch. Then someone said: "tell you ditch, but also jump."

60, late autumn, leaves floating in the wind; cold, people slightly sad. Watching you walk in the wind shivering, I really feel bad, and went to your side shy off the coat handed you: take it to wash it, do something warm.

61, your slim figure, gentle dance, sweet voice so that I am obsessed with, I want to pillow you have to accompany sleep, embrace you to warm, winding text messages ask you do not agree, you just shy back I said: "meow!"

63, I work every day from dawn to work for you, I am full of thoughts are you, I can not imagine without your day will become what kind of, I even dream of how to get you, lovely RMB!

64, said the cat sleep ten hours a day, playing their own four hours, alone daze four hours, was teasing four hours, eating and drinking an hour, the last hour to see the message. Do not believe You look at the cat and watch the message.

65, I admire your dedication, knowing that I do not like you, you still do not give up the pursuit of me, last night you sing me also kiss me, face you so love, I can only say: I swear, I hate you for ten thousand years! Dead mosquito!

67, a three-year-old boy took a three-year-old little girl's hand and said, "I love you." The little girl said, "Can you be responsible for my future?" Little boy: "Of course! Not a two - year - old man!

68, beautiful groups come to, banknotes follow you run, the boss to take care of you, the police see you detour, everything can settle, everyone smile to you, the day was sober Wake up quickly, let you do not take a nap, and daydreaming.

69, your recent performance is not very good, and I contact a little less, you have to give me an apology, and then invited me to dinner, or see the phone number on the wall, in front of the marriage hotline, ,It's up to you.

70, one day, a handsome guy at the station and so on. See the beauty of his laugh, he thought he was handsome, put a few shapes, a look beautiful smile more brilliant. Suddenly aunt said: young man! Do not stand on dog feces!

71, English four finished after A said: I was too bad in front of him, he did not let me copy! B said: that there is no bad in front of me, thirty multiple choice questions he gave me twenty-nine answers, how do you say how I copied? The

72, small nanny loud voice, the owner told, tonight are the identity of the people, to speak a little whisper. After dinner, the little nurse to clean up like a good early break, so close to the man 's ear whispered: "Then I sleep.

73, pick up the phone, but put down, I do not know now you are still worried about me. You have been meteoric rise, there are soldiers guard, wolf dog escort, the surface are not see it. Had to send you a text message: a good transformation, for commutation!

74, a person's world looked lonely, two people's world is very warm, since meet with you, only to find, regardless of wind and rain, regardless of sunny, with you, my heart will be brilliant. You're nice all the way to the umbrella!

75, in fact, you are big belly, neck thin point; head short point, hair less point; teeth yellow point, eyes small point; thigh short point, muscle less point! In addition to these, you are one hundred percent of the handsome guy!

76 if I have a sugar, I will give you, because I want you happy; if I have two sugar, we will one, I think we are happy; if I have three sugar, I will send you two Because I wish you tooth decay more than me!

77, if awake, it has been awake; if you fall asleep, they will continue to sleep. If you take a walk, you should relax; if you race, make every effort. Work to concentrate on, the goal is consistent, perseverance to create a miracle. Refueling friends!

78, because of my fault and hurt you, although this is caused by force majeure, but can not be an excuse to hurt me, today is a confession I apologize to you, sorry, because I am handsome, to you Inferiority.

79, ugly duckling, although in the country, but has a lofty ambition, has been quietly. And finally to this day, he packed a good bag to the duck mother resigned, said: "Mom, goodbye, I want to go to Beijing roasted." Made a joke, so cool and cool, ha ha!

80, brother, why do you always grab me? I 2, you actually than I also 2! When I study 2 ( graduation + diploma) when you are 2 (work + salary), when i love 2 (meet + fell in love), you are 2 (married + kid), the same is 2 eyes, 2 Hands of the people, the gap between the 2 ye so big pinch?

82, do you know? I am anxious to find you everywhere, there are amazing good news to tell you: your mother asked me something, let me save you a few million, personally take you! The day to hold your money to see you, see you sleep very sweet, really can not bear to wake you! A nest of piglets is your most beautiful! what! Pig is happy with your holiday!