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Friendship Day Mobile, Text Message and Sms

Friendship Day Wishes, Text Messages, Saying and Sms

1, Good friends are the way, more and more wide; the good friend is the blessing, the good friend is the heart, the good friend is the blood, flowing heart; , Auspicious boundless.

2, some people say that I look like walking in the street, a group of people scrambling to let me sign, I dare not sign, because then the country are in fake. And who do you look like? I do not know. Only know that you see the cat, they ran desperately.

3, looking for someone to speak, open the address book, not consciously used to send you. I suddenly found: intimate friends are not hanging in the mouth every day, but engraved in the depths of the heart...

4, friends are lights, help you to disperse the lonely, bright look forward. Friends are tea, help you filter impetuous, store quiet. Friends are water, to help you moisturize for a while, fresh I. Friends are sugar, to help you dilute bitter, covered with sweet.

5, not every love can spread through the ages, Not every moment can be beautiful people dazzling, but the fireworks done. Not everyone remembers you, but I did it.

6, send you a happy flower, good keep in the phone, it will bring you good luck! But remember to always give the phone in water, which can be poured into the water!

7, a thousand roses to you, want you to love yourself. Thousands of paper cranes give you, let the trouble go away from you. A thousand lucky stars to you, so good luck around you.

8, thank you for the sun into my life, make me feel warm, but I still hope that all the good things can be shared with you. Alone is not taste, only the common feeling is happiness!

9, A kind of friendship, very clear but long; with you acquaintance, it is easy but sweet! A kind of kind, very kind and kind.

10, give you the happiness of your kilograms! Kg of health! Kg of happy! And I can not call the weight of "precious friendship"!

11, would you like to be happy? Think about it! Pass your happiness Cheats: health health, more laugh, control feelings, to be optimistic, do sports, often contact, open-minded, make friends, practical work, low-key man. Hard work practice, happiness!

12, the rain is because the clouds cry, the flowers are because the wind laugh, snow is because the sun sleep, the moon is because the stars drunk, I laugh because you understand, send you information because I want is you.

13, the number of misty rain past, with the years wasted, with the breeze drift, want to use the paper to record the past bit by bit, would like to bear in mind the passing of the years, I discovered that the flow of years, the truth remains the same.

14, tonight I will sit under the stars waiting, I wish I can touch a small meteor, let it record my blessing, stroke on your side, so you can think about me.

15, I believe that some children in this world have been angels, so please you have to be so pure with. For this world all the sun and the wind and frost, we must believe that you are not just a hand of the heart of the treasure.

16, with my sincere blessing to do your line of sails, with your persistent faith to do you advance the paddle. Regardless of the wind or on the backcourt, I have silently trust and accompany!

17, I hope you are happy every day like a teapot on the stove, although the little butt is burned hot, but still blowing a happy whistle, braved the silly foolish, dancing cheerful dance, the heart is full of romantic little bubble

18, the window dripping, I suspect that your footsteps, raised his head, the window is still, breeze, drizzle, and drift to the depths of memory, my heart told you, I miss you! Grab a breeze it to give you a blessing, wish you happy!

19, busy is a kind of happiness, so that we do not have time to experience the pain, rush is kind of happy, let us feel the real life, tired is kind of enjoyment, let us no time to take into account the emptiness, so long as happy than anything else

20, your beauty, so that the West to speechless; the world because of your birth, it is exceptionally beautiful; your beauty, let Venus self-broken arms; let me regardless of mobile phone charges. May beauty is always young and beautiful, happy every day

21, happy and you sworn, agreed to accompany you to the future, happy and you lie, how will not leave; the moon according to you, the sun warm you, my blessing with you, may you happy in the winter

22, we are always busy in their lives, forget how long have not contacted, forget how many miss each other. I do not know what to say, but my heart has always belonged to you.

23, breakdown of the past bit by bit, had laughter tears and precious memories. Friend is not much, really do. In my life did not a few real friends, but only you!

24, an umbrella, hold up the wind and rain; a hand, brush the cold of life; a smile, open mind desert; soon greetings, nourish your life; a text message, bring my deep blessing. Hope you will be happy every day!

25, a woman quietly good, the man publicity good, love warm good, marriage is dull good, easy to work good, good purse bulging, the boss considerate, colleagues understanding of the good friend is your best!

26, my dear friend, the road of life, may you have the realm of age, old age, old wisdom, old will, old passion, plus two or three years old innocence! May you be happy every day

27, busy? Nothing, I just want to use a way do not disturb you tell me, I am bored and think of you! I hope you receive this message when the mouth is smiling, the nose is hum, and said boring!

28, the most moving moment from a friend remembered! The most beautiful moment comes from reminding friends! There is no agreement but there is a tacit understanding, no matter where, I wish you every day people are thinking about, I wish you happy happy every day!

29, heavier than and higher than the Everest peak, longer than the marathon, what is deeper than the sea? Yes, that is, this message. It is full of peace, happiness, health and smile, open it you open the door to happiness!

30, I quietly cast your eyes, gently at your feet put a piece of watermelon rind, gently look at you step down, affectionately see you everywhere to find teeth - do not say I am bad, because I really think we can The day of the teeth or friends!

31, ordinary lights, ordinary life, simple love, really pain, a little warm and more peaceful, but life so. Cherish the people you love, good to love you, cold weather to love yourself.

32, good friends simple, good friendship clear cool, good fate forever, I wish you cherish the eternal good fate, keep fresh good friendship, do a simple friend of life!

33, friends always heart to heart, intimate friends worth thousands of dollars. small news pass good news. See friends see such as see people, always forget friends heart. I feel happy!

34, an umbrella, hold up the wind and rain; a hand, brush the cold of life; a smile, open the desert of the soul; soon greetings, nourish your life; a text message, bring my deep blessing. Hope you will be happy every day!

35, tea, to drink thick, until the light and tasteless. Wine, to be drunk, never wanna wake up. People, to love, to the next life but also the kind of love. Friends, to be forever, is to see the phone this!

36, my cell phone collection of your name, like my heart collection of you, in every commemorative festival you are destined to be remembered, I wish you every day happy!

37, "stacked only beautiful pigeons, carrying my endless blessing, riding the breeze to fly to your side, willing to cut the pigeon in your heart, for you to wash yesterday's tired, usher in today's happy!

38, the most beautiful is the process, the most difficult to know each other, the most eager is the result, the most bitter is waiting, the most happiness is true love, fear is ruthless, the most regret is missed, the most happy is your friend.

39, poly hi horse ya of the sun, the ends of the sea of ??the breeze, the stability of the mountains at the end of the blessing of the mountain, suction Bill Gates of the fortune, as a gift to you, I wish you every day happy!

40, an umbrella, hold up the ups and downs of life; a hand, brush the cold of life; a smile, open mind desert; soon greetings, nourish your life; a text message, bring my deep blessing, wish You are happy every day

42, regardless of warmth and cold and heat, let you my care forever; regardless of the distance, let you miss my forever; regardless of rough and flat, make you my happiness forever; both rich and poor, let you my friendship forever!

43, because you have blooming spring flowers, because you have a cool summer cool summer, because you have the fall of Haoyue empty, because you have winter snow drift. My four seasons for you and beautiful, my world has you wonderful!

44, like a person more beautiful, even if only memory can refer to, until one day you old, memories with white hair shine, at least I know clearly, if I think you will smile.

45, the month I do not go, infatuation and other friends; Suddenly listen to the phone ring, SMS comfort heart; road far friendship, things more points; two heart if India, why often gather together.

46, God gave me a devout heart, I pray every day for you! May all the good things in the world come to you! May your career be successful! Love sweet! Family warmth! Everything goes well

47, friends, may this greetings, into a ray of spring breeze, a touch of sunshine, blooming your brilliant smile, illuminate your dark mood!

48, little greetings but I wish you in silence. There is little phone but I'm worried about you. There's news but i miss you No matter how far away, the heart will never be alienated.

49, there is a kind of happy fluttering sprinkler, there is a calm and indifferent, there is a happy and quiet, there is a real, there is a long friendship, there is a blessing every day!

50, it was worried about the wandering is not called wandering, it was accompanied by crying is not sad, some people cherish the feelings called love, some people share happiness called happiness, wish you happiness!

51, in this "most special" day, sent the "most special" blessing, to the "most special" you, I hope you have "special special" happiness! Wish you "happy"

52, blooming flowers, butterfly dance horizon, long years, singing clear; sunrise and sunset, clouds foggy, long journey, life is brilliant; move the thumb, brains, brackets, give you bless! I wish you happy!

53, life new ten points: hard work to work, get off work easily point; home love point, everything look at the point; friends more intersection, life thick point; eat scientific point, play elegant point; fame and fortune, every day laugh point.

54, Let me think of you; friendship, let us together.

55, life always have some friends unforgettable; a year there are always some of the most cherished; from spring to winter; from strange to familiar; not always greetings; but always mind, I wish you every day happy! Healthy body

56, sleep in my shop brother, give me smoke pumping brother, test gave me a small brother, I hope your life journey all the best, all the way downwind.

57, million gold easy to get, intimate one is hard to find. Have your friend, is the greatest satisfaction of my life.

58, I send you a forgotten grass, and then for you to catch only happy birds, when the happy birds with forgotten grass like you fly, please put your heart finishing, that is my best wishes for you , Just hope you can be happy to the old happy old!

59, people to the old, Mo trouble, worry more, urging the old. Often exercise, anti-aging, the amount of effort, not overwork. Often laugh, less change, heart wide, lonely high. Good communication, wide love, good mood, good sleep.

60, breeze to bring you good luck, white clouds bring you peace, the sun to bring you happiness, the stars bring you warm, moonlight to bring you warmth, rain to bring you confident me? Bring you warm greetings: happy every day

61, friends long time no see, we meet today, with a smile to see the warmth of the world. Wealth, such as clouds, the sea has changed mulberry, there are sweet words still remain in the ear.

62, lonely time to think about me, lonely time to remember me, sad when told me, happy time do not forget me, helplesswhen I understand, frustrated when there is me, like me to send a message to me.

63, across the sky, I missed the wish; spray shot on the rock, I missed the blessing; story again, I missed the listening; life only one back, I am glad not to miss you this friend! happy weekend!

64, and beautiful people exchanges seductive, and clever people to communicate with the mind, and healthy people to keep fit, and happy people to contact the heart, and your contacts all raised friends.

65, friends you have been away from me, but my heart still has your presence, I can not forget all about you, my heart will always leave a space for you!

66, If you have to be lost, I hope you are healthy, safe, lucky and happy! If you must be lost, if you have to be lost, if you have to be forgotten, I hope it is annoying.

67, do not need to open an account fee, friendship does not pay roaming charges, love free monthly fee, the truth is more expensive.

68, friends for me, like perfume for women, indispensable and long fragrance. You for me, like eggs for rice, fried only taste. Do not be angry with me, whenever we are always good friends.

69, flowers on your nose, to a burst of autumn wind brush your cheek, sprinkle a ray of sun hanging your hair, a blessing and then your ears, may your body is healthy, the mood is peaceful, smile is brilliant The day is happy!

70, life busy - full; day sour sweet and sour - over chanting; fate simple - cherish; feelings really real, really, contact intermittent, busy, thinking about all the time Want to chant; bless long long to you!

71, It is better to be good and good, so good and good, good tomorrow, good or bad, but also good tomorrow, good future Better!

72, because there was a moment, feel the care and love, so willing to use a lifetime of time, cling to you, give you real happiness.

73, before you encounter, the world is a wilderness, after you, the world is a paradise, past many years, I like a ray of smoke, the future of unlimited career, because of your happiness.

74, the wind, is my care! Surging, is my tender thoughts! Rain, is my thin talk! Sunshine is my warm smile! Wish you happy happy every day!

75, God is a thief, and stole a year, I panic in the end of the search for you, but fortunately you still, I asked him: why not even you stole a stolen? He shrugged and said: "This friend is too heavy in your heart, I can not move.

76, colorful life or had, although the rainbow is so short; life in full bloom or the moment, although the flowers have withered; sincere friendship still exists, although you and I did not meet.

77, a kind of miss, very plain but sweet; kind of greetings, very ordinary but sincere; kind of trust, it is common but warm; kind of friendship, very clear but long; acquaintance with you, very relaxed but sweet

78, the wish is the wind, happy is the sail, happiness is the boat, the wind of the wind blowing a happy sail carrying a happy boat, drifting to you, send you all the happiness of the world, only you can carefree life!

79, the angel said as long as standing in the snow with the intention of painting tulips wish, God will hear, I put the flowers full of the yard, and finally God said: Xu wish it, I said: I want to see the message of this one Winter are warm!

80, do you know? Such as quilts no sun, there are millions of mites accompany you to sleep! Early winter warm sun is suitable for the eradication of mites, quickly forwarded to the people who deserve treasure, to remind a "sunbathing" disinfection it!

81, know how to rest assured to find easy, know how to forget the happy people, know how to care to find friends. Cold weather is cold, chilling is cold, may you have a warm mood every day.

82, let the wind blow away your melancholy, let the rain wash off your troubles, let the sun bring you warm, let the moon bring you warm, let love bring you happiness, let friendship bring you happy, let me give you Unlimited greetings.

83, the pain is best of others, happiness is their own; trouble will be temporary, friends are always eternal; love is intentional business, the world is no big deal; wish today!

84, in terms of time, the difference between winter and spring is from November to March; for me, the distance between winter and spring only between you laugh and not laugh, spring March has come, you laugh Yet? May you have a happy smile every day.

86, people, rely on each other down to earth; things, help each other to become easy; love, mutual care only refreshing; Road, common walking only beautiful scenery. I wish you home together, love thick, smooth road, healthy and happy

87, you and I know though it is so short, but you give me the impact is so far-reaching. Always miss you, my friend!

88, the best drink of wine may not be the most expensive bottle, because although you can buy wine, but can not buy the mood, the best friend may not be the most contact that, but in the ordinary days have been remember you Of people

89, a friend is not necessarily reasonable, but must be intimate; not necessarily inseparable,  not necessarily often contact, but must be on the heart!

90, infatuated friends heart to heart, away from the sea without centrifugation, the real friendship value of the daughter, the daughter is difficult to buy a friendship heart, friendship for the heart. I wish you every day happy, lease do not forget my friend's heart.

91, I was really miss you miss you Not you days, like: cooking did not put salt, orange is not sweet, no smoke drink, took the street did not bring money!

92, what is the pride? Cattle chant! What is modest? Chanting What is thrifty? Pull chant! What is dedication? Silly chant! What is smart? Blowing chant! May everyone be happy every day? You chant!

93, joy is healthy, happy mood is the best secret of longevity. I wish you every day!

94, happiness is: rainy days can hold up a small umbrella for you; happiness is: hold your little hands and you spend the sunset; happiness is: you always happy happy!

96, if happiness is buds, I would like to send you a garden, if the health is a fish, I would like to give you a sea, if the blessing is a breeze, I would like to give you the whole spring, happy weekend!

97, what is modest? Chanting What is pride? Cattle chant! What is thrifty? Pull chant! What is gentle? Cheap chant! What is art? Off chant! What is a friend? You chant!

98, life, such as field play, know how to experience, take the horizon Road, more friends to pay the world, to meet you, and you do confidant, is my good fortune. Wish us friendship forever!

99, can not see the stars are always the most shining; slip away the fish is always the most beautiful; miss the movie is always the best to see; lost lover is always the most understand me; send text messages friends total Is the most concerned about you!

100, not because of the season and do not want you, not because of the road and not read you, not because of busy and alienate you, not because of the time of the scour and forget you. You are always my soul deep friends.

101, let my blessing in your cell phone in the snow hope to nourish your mood, every snowflakes are on behalf of the I want to send you Every good luck! May you be happy!

102, life road, stormy, there is my blessing you will be lucky. Good day, more stumbling, there is my prayer you will be smooth. Fight business, there are hardships, have my affection you everything down. Friends, hard fight, happiness belongs to you!

103, that you are the heart of people, smiling in the crush on you; happy in the pursuit of you, happiness and you get married, and health you never betray, happiness has been reluctant to you. You often with wealth affair, dead wrapped around peace!

104, to the grass to soft language, is the spring; to the birds to crisp cry, is the woods; give me to sing endless songs, is your sincere friendship. I wish you a happy weekend, happy every day!

105, Choose the opportunity to choose the risk; choose to seek, to choose the hardships; choose to see you, you choose a friend of life for the rest of my life!

106, send you a heart of the garden, tired and lonely when the door to open, to see the breeze moon line of water, the park carrying the wisdom of the tree, the flow of forgetting the spring, driving free flowers, draped Happy Bridge, wish every day happy The Everything goes!

107, meteor fell on the earth at the fall, only for a moment close; line clouds fall in love with the water, just for a solution Acacia; I think of you, at a flower, just to tell you: pay attention to the body! Do not be tired!