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Download and send Animated Gif wish to travel safely. Nice and safe happy journey for cell phone send via whatsapp and sms, desires and cited for your partner and any journey loved, Iphone Android Smartphone for him, her, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Friends, Co-workers, Business Partners, Colleagues and all your Loved ones for Happy Journey as they take any trip.

Happy Journey, Wishes, Text Message, Sms, Text Car

Happy Journey, Wishes, Text Message, Text Cards, Sms

1, the wish is the wind, happy is the sail, blessing is the boat, the wind of the wind blowing a happy sail, carrying the blessing of the ship, gently toward your harbor: I wish you safe travel, happy journey.

2, do not forget to charge the phone, do not forget to take care of their own well, and, do not forget, I am far away in the blessing of you, the journey is long, with my blessing often accompanied!

3, the journey may be lonely, may not have liked, I hope you know, a person always care for you, a person always miss you. Wish you a pleasant journey.

4, on the road, do not just tired and lonely, the scenery outside the window is actually very beautiful, even here you are very familiar with, but the taste, there will still be a scene, and I bless you here, a pleasant journey!

5, may you plug in the wings of joy, like a free bird in the beautiful world travel, put down the trouble of life, do not care about the work of the pressure, easy to enjoy the journey.

6, every time the stars flashing, that is, every blessing of my every heart, heartbeat every time you start, that is, every time you hang up, the blessing and care filled with your place, there are them.

7, let the sun sent to the beautiful expectations, so that the spring breeze sent my deep wishes, so that white clouds and blue sky will always embellish your life, so that pigeons will bless again and again to take. Wish you a pleasant journey, smooth ride

8, some wild vegetables first from the wet heart to see the ground, in the lonely dawn of the south wind waiting for rain or sunshine. This kind of mountain scenery, how fascinating ah, may you be happy, happy.

9, bright light, is my smile teaser of the eyes, it is decorated in the night sky, for you to illuminate the dark front, to protect your journey smoothly. Thousands of thoughts, solidified in the air. Raise the wind to you, with my blessing, wish you a pleasant journey, safe.

10, in the mountain flowers everywhere butterflies dance season, I tweaked my heart chord sincerely play for you, you can not hear, in this life flower bloom in the day, wish you a happy journey!

Happy Journey Text Cards

11, welcome to take the trip Blessing Express, the starting point is the blessing, the journey is a healthy station, happy station, happy station, good luck station, the end is safe station. I wish you all the way down, happy journey!

12, butterflies put bright and colorful clothes, grace and happy dance; breeze softly winds, singing euphemism and moving music. Dear friend, wish butterflies, breeze with you, I wish you all the way downwind.

13, the trip, I hope you bring your advanced ideas, bring back the gratifying achievements of the impressive, but also hope that your work can be flourishing, life can be as good as your journey.

14, the mountains of water, water to clear, water and day color, color to the bright, colorful, gorgeous to static, blue sky and blue sea, sea to pure, pure people, people free, free you travel heaven and earth. Blessing trip!

15, every time the stars flashing, that is, every blessing of every trace of your heart, heartbeat every time you start, that is, every time I linked to you Look at the stars and listen to the heartbeat. I wish you a smooth sailing!

16, installed a bag of sunshine two sea breeze, self-made a few pounds of blessing, trustees to the United States to buy some happiness, France bought two bottles of romance, cut from the depths of the mind how much care, as a gift to you, wish peace happy

17, but also the New Year, but also the spring. That valley the green, that intoxicating fragrance, that bright sunshine, it is heart of the heart, I heard you want to travel, I wish you a pleasant stay, travel happy

Text Cards to Wish Happy Journey

18, the window of the world is very hustle and bustle, can not hear their own heartbeat. Outside the world is very exciting, the outside world is very cute, travel, I wish you a pleasant journey, how long knowledge

19, hope once, look at the beginning of the Spring Festival came, leave to go home, and bought a gift and tickets, a year of hardship, tired year, a year of hard work and fatigue, a heart, A sincere send warmth, a blessing to send home, may you travel more downwind.

20, a child's playmates can be reunited, once the friendship can be recast, the past years can pick up, the warmth of the parents can taste, hard work can be relieved, the results can be reported, you wish a pleasant journey, everything goes well.

21, travel a period, with friendship, journey a journey, carrying the storm, the journey was, with a blessing, journey and his party, with moving, once the hard work, the end of the year, go home to tell the heart of the sustenance, Point of the train, I wish you journey
affectionate, all the way downwind.

22, hard work year, tired year, at the moment can go home reunion, tension for one year, pay a year, at the moment warm in the heart, miss a year, care for a year, at the moment can be warm to meet, travel for a while, In front of the wind, was a happy, I wish you smile.

23, work busy, put a release; life rush, stop a stop; hard fatigue, break a break; Spring Festival holiday, back to a return; really greetings, send a hair; wish you: home journey, music and music; Transport, with a companion; relaxed and comfortable, wrapped around a wrapped; happy reunion, laugh!

24, home is a happy, the end of a year of running around, home is a warm, the end of a year of thoughts, home is a touch, the end of a year of care, home is a blessing , Sent a gift for a year, go home is a happy, would like to have a pleasant journey.

25, a section of the road, is the head of happiness, a section of the road, is the head is warm, a section of the road, moved to the head, a section of the road to the end of the tired, a section of the road, summed up a year to pay, gave a year Miss, to resolve this year moved, I wish you a happy road.

26, the struggle of one year into the heart of the arrow, the idea of ??a year into a happy miss, a year of hope into the source of happiness, the year of the poly-scattered for the reunion meet. The holiday is approaching, may you embark on a happy journey, so good luck with you around, reunion worth having.

27, can not accompany the journey, sincere sent a blessing, the New Year home soon, the road a lot of blessings, family warmth each other, thoughts to stay in the bottom of my heart, feel the Spring Festival festive, forget their own weight, hard work is not easy, all the way smoothly.

28, for a year out of the year, in order to love a year separately, in order to love a year to pay, in order to live a year of hard work, in order to reunion on the train, in order to go home to travel, outside the home to tell, I wish you happy happy, happy journey.

29, a year of effort is not easy, the journey to be smooth, a year of hard work more tired, the journey should not be too tired, miss a year too hurt God, do not take the spirit of the car, a year to run around the body, car more attention to the body, You all go well.

30, work and then tired and tired, you use strong domination. Life and then bitter and then astringent, you face with optimism. The journey is harder and harder again, The future and then far away, you really with the chase Real life, please feel free to fly. I wish you smile in the heart, the most happy life!

All the way good luck with the left and right sides of the scenery on the heart, three rows of people gathered together, surrounded by auspicious elephant, the two words bless you, two heart care, happy journey to accompany you.

The first section of the carriage full of happiness, the second section of the carriage full of happiness, the third section of the car filled with warmth, the fourth section of the carriage filled with sweet, fifth car filled with peace, the sixth compartment filled with smooth, Full of my blessing, may my blessing affect your trip, bless your whole journey!

Bid farewell to the worries of the troubles, sounded the starting horn, playing the backpack travel, went to the front of the target, exhort happiness advice, meditation blessing prayer: a pleasant journey!

Holiday near, I wish you to raise the box more and more heavy, happy smile more and more concentrated, the pace of home faster and faster, the journey of the train more and more smoothly, the harvest of the year taste, the year Happy to share, to remember the success of the year, the years of affection did not forget! Journey all the way downwind!

You go or do not go, the way is there, do not come and go. And travel, is to depress your troubles, sadness and all the unhappy; picking healthy, happy and all the good mood along the way - travel is kind of mood, I wish you all the way full of flowers, happy journey!

The train report: Now is entering the happy station, please passengers to worry about lost, filled with joy, breeze is greet you, good luck waving in front, may you happy journey, all the way downwind!

What is happiness? Happiness is the joy of the process of struggle, happiness is the harvest time of comfort, happiness is fast New Year has a homeless, happiness is to buy home tickets sweet, happiness is miss is worried, happiness is my text messages bless you all the way safe, Come back home to reunion sooner.

Home is a hope, give you rush to the sustenance, the family is a dependency, to chase you back, home is a care, give you thoughts of friendship, home is a touch, give you home sweet, Home of happiness, filled in your heart, the road of happiness, I wish you enjoy the sweet.

For a year out of the year, in order to love a year apart, in order to love a year to pay, in order to live a year of hard work, in order to reunion on the train, in order to go home to travel, outside the mind to go home to tell, May you be happy and happy.

If you are the Monkey King, I was like a Buddha. No matter where you travel, there is my concern. Whether you go to the ends of the earth, my "peace" to accompany you around. Oh, bless you all the way safe, liking!

Unpleasant things put a release, worry about things forget a forget, let us play light, with a happy voyage, let us sing, with free shouting, friends, in this long journey, for you to send me The blessing of the trip, happy and happy!

Yesterday, when I was happy when the town for you to buy: a happy bottle, happy a bag, a box of warm, a bunch of sun, a care, bless a trousers pocket, remember to take, hope you journey safe and happy.

Everyone said that life to "stable, accurate, ruthless, tough", I have not understand. Until the Spring Festival to realize the true meaning. I pass the proverb to you, I wish you a new home to buy a good ticket, grab a good position! I wish you a good new year ahead!