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Free Mobile Wedding Ecards, Cell Phone Wedding Congartulationd Greeting cards, Wonderful life together to a married couple. Mobile greetings warm congratulations to a very special couple, Wedding Anniversary. Text Message Just like the love you share! Wishing your wedding anniversary! Such great news to hear of your wedding - It couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Ecards for wonderful couple. Congratulations wedding sending mobile wishes via text message sms and whatsapp! Your greatest adventure has just begun. send greeting cards to wish you a day filled with cherished moments. Congratulations and best wishes for the future! Congratulations mobile wishes on special day! warmest wishes via mobile ecard as you build your new lives together. Have a wonderful married life! Congratulations cell phone greeting cards on your marriage, have a wonderful life! Weddings are like the greatest of dreams - with happy memories to last forever.It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple! happy wedding day the best that life can bring. You are two beautiful people, now teamed as a man and a wife. Congratulations on tying the knot! Greeting cards for special memories that you both will remember for the rest of your lives. Congrats on finding your true love! Lean on each other's strengths and forgive each other weaknesses.


Anniversary Mobile Ecards

Champagne, Bouquet, Reflection, Celebration, Lovers, Roses

Birthday Mobile Ecards

Baby Shower, Chick, Gift, Boy, Happy, Puppy, Lady, Romantic, Rose
Baby Shower

Baby Shower Mobile Greeting Cards

Delivery, Congrats, Li'l Angel, Rock, Bouncing, Wuv
Bon Voyage

Happy Journey Mobile Wishes and Ecards

Desert, Cactus, Cat, Long Drive, Sea, Baby

Cute Cell Phone Ecards

Angry, Rockstar, Baby Kiss, Hey, Bunny

Friendship Mobile Wishes

Doggy, Shoe, Togetherness, Different, Forever, Partners, Hug
Good Morning

Good Morning Cell Phone Greeting Cards

Coffee, Warm Wish, Reflection, Hot Tea, Family, Sunshine

General Mobile Wishes

Hang Out, Freak Out, Jumbo Hi, Summer, Snowman
Miss You

Miss You, Thinking of You Greeting Cards for Mobile Phone

Loud Cry, Ducky, Thoughts, Phone, Monkey, Moments, Feeling

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Sorry, Naughty, Cry, Girl, Heart, Smiley
Thank You

Thank You Cell Phone Greeting Cards

Refreshing, Floral, Exotic, Handshake, Classy, Sniff

Wedding, Marriage Mobile Ecards

Sunset, Congrats, Bells

Wedding Marriage Congratulations, Text Messages and SMS for Whatsapp and Facebook:

You love the power.
every day and every night.
Do you like,
evening and morning.
Good luck is yours.
Next years, next years,
let your family flourish

Be happy, young sausage,
do not stay without a stroller,
into a pram triple
boy and two girls

Wedding wishes words:

When a girl is married,
wants to become a young lady.
He chooses a man,
she can enjoy it.
And then one morning,
everything will change the word "yes".
In honeymoons, then,
a crow with a stork wears children.
The woman always has happy cheeks,
if the man loves her with love

Everybody waits for it once,
The two of you have already met,
I wish you life,
to make it happen to you.

Your happiness is still merry,
with a stork or a pussy be friends.

Wedding congratulations messages:

Congratulations we send, one big wish we have,
luck, health be with you
and do not be alone for a long time.
Look in next year,
grandfather, grandmother bruise his hands.
Let them be the best for them,
grandson or granddaughter will be a pepper.

The Sunshine of Freedom has already set you up what happened to you and NAME? I wish you marriage when you pushed it so that you could have a nice NAME at all times. Happiness let her not leave you for a small moment, like a flower in my life I wish a little girl. The bride should fill all her desires, the bridegroom at the cradle wishing night service.

The rays of happiness that you are greeted today,
capture firmly into your hands.
Be happy and be happy
in times of good and evil.

It has been given to you by destiny a common way to go,
now you have the worry - it's good for her.
To be sad about you and have something to play with,
let the godfather visit the stork, at least 15 times.

Wedding wishes messages:

Almost every fairy tale
at the end is the end.
Princess and Princess
and the fairy tale is over.
I wish you the other way round
the heart is still harsh,
whatever your fairy tale
it will only begin now.

Everybody has a fairy tale,
everyone wants to reach the goal.
Let everything fill you,
what you have just dreamed of.
Love will now make you happy,
I would also like to wish you,
let you still bless you,
steadily in winter as in the summer!

Beds to buy solid,
advice more expensive than cheap.
I will not tell you,
what's happening to them !!

Do not fear the stork,
harmless it really brach,
Nowadays it is so.

And last but not least,
steadfastly to You and Your Man,
Let the flowers smell of love,
and in the pockets of dust they ring!
Good luck, what else do you want.
Fate wanted that,
that you are going together,
so enjoy one another.

You have been given the fate of a common way to go, now you only have one, you love to have it. To make you happy and have something to play with, let the godfather visit you at least seven times. All the best on a common journey through life ...

On a common path of living
good luck either by your fate,
would heaven give you,
beautiful, white angel.
However, in today's precious,
great care must be taken,
would not happen annually,
what we want this time.

Just like crystal you fight your love,
only one moment and in shards will change.
Before this moment of happiness,
or the crystal is glued together, the crystal is no more.

Today you have said YES
and everything is arranged.
From my heart I wish you,
make your love like wine mature.
To shine like an eternal candle,
but she is getting more and more.

The bride is the most beautiful, nothing to the bridegroom.
Has he gotten the most favorite thing today, what would he want more?
All the best brides!

Wedding wishes congratulations:

What is happiness?
It's not just a golden fly,
that's what everybody is hurting every now and then.
Enjoy it daily,
multiply human plagues.
And when the kids arrive,
it will be more than enough to you.
Follow this advice:
Good luck, lots of love
love, no quarrel.
So far, it's a future,
I have spoken more than enough.
Congratulations on this,
from my dad, mommy sent to you.
from the heart is your desire.

I was waiting for the first flower to unfold,
and blow up the air you breathe,
I had to circumvent the whole world,
until I found a cup of love that you are mixing with me.
You smelled the smell of the flower,
I drank that cup,
thank you for the world,
what a wedding carriage has prepared for us to

Whether you are still in paradise,
Let your heart play with love,
today, tomorrow, still on,
be the happiest couple.

Live so that when your life book is written, you do not have to pull out a single sheet.

Marriage wishes for friend:

Marriage can lead,
one of the most important trips.
When you have chosen the right one,
to go after her is playful.

Always go along with life,
everything is either sweet to you
and what fate will give you,
love and happiness.
That beautiful wedding song,
for all your life let it sound ...

Your groom, if you wanted to marry,
You have to change nature now!
Silence must be like foam,
to command you a woman.
Always give her a lot of money,
do not ever go to the pub!
Like two turtle doves,
let their eyes not know what the tears are.

How time flies,
your YES you said a few years ago.
Successful to be every day.
Good luck, good health.
Whatever your hour is always pleasant.
Then your family will be happy.

The bridegroom rejoices, the bride cheers,
wedding day is perfect beauty.
Let each of the others resemble him,
let them have enough luck for them both.

The sun is still shining in your married life. Without thunder and no clouds, expand the series ...

Wedding messages to couple:

For ever,
be good friends.
Listen to each other,
keep yourself in the same time,
in good and evil together everywhere,
then your life will be happy.

Good luck, a lot of health,
let your life still have fun.
Love yourself in a community,
the weaker one belongs to the bottom.
No cries, no contention,
but today's night shake

Good luck, little crying,
in a year, let the boy cry.
In two years, a little girl,
whatever their grandfather and grandmother do.
On a common journey through life, wishes you ...

Funny wedding wishes:

Whoever needs to know,
that she must sit in the woman.
Iron laundry laundry laundry,
and give money to a woman.

Let your love flow in love,
pockets filled with sportswear,
and in the stroller let him lie,
every year a new citizen.

What to add, what was not wanted?
Perhaps it is in love for you,
let the children of you be angry,
time let it slow down,
whatever it is that others are dreaming about
will be filled in.
To life together
a lot of joy and happiness,
also a lot of moving,
good news and rumors.

Your neck is tied,
so let your love go with you!

Two wedding rings, two palm prints,
under one name two people signed.
To joy, to happiness, to everything that protects you
even to the early cradle, accept greetings!

You love love now in your youth
and two years more earnestly.
Love - do not sigh, stroke,
to ride with the moon in the roller.
The clouds also come, the time, the distress.
Then fragile, who will warm you up?
Love is like a good song,
and put the song down - it's hard.

It was given to you by the fate,
a common way to go.
Now you're only concerned,
it's good to have it.

To be happy,
peace of mind in the family,
Close both mother-in-law
into a large wardrobe.
Keep the key well,
unblock if necessary.
When you have a baby,
unlock shortly.
When the second robe comes,
you and your grandmother are good for you.
Let your temple be your bed,
fill in your peace plan.
Hold fast,
there are thousands of them.
If there is no need,
your grandfather will gladly give you.

Stay happy with life,
everything is either good news to you,
what's your life,
either just love and happiness.

What can be more beautiful,
than to live for one another.
What a more beautiful hope,
than loving each other.

New marriage wishes:

A lot of luck, a liter of wine,
first daughter, then son.
Live your hand together
without a home revolution.

Good luck, little crying,
two curlers in the year.
When Daddy messes up,
enjoy the girl.

You live together now,
let love be accompanied,
to live marriage,
without sorrow and trouble.
You have chosen a kind of drug,
your way is common,
now try your best,
to be nice.

I am one judge,
what is giving away a greeting ...
Although the museum does not like the day,
I'm also wearing late ...
Here is one forgotten,
a little modest, but warm ...
I'm chasing myself without stopping,
in my head the very wishes,
what now wish,
I have no idea…
All are beautiful,
they will not fit into SMS ...
So I wish shortly,
father, mother,
mainly the knot,
the little sun ...
The sea of love, good luck,
both in childhood and in ...

Dear guests, no fun,
just came the congratulations.
The bridegroom - his mistress,
so I read it behind her.
As it is after the wedding night,
then you are in her power,
it is no longer a joke,
nor does devil help.
Women give a lot of money,
never come to the pub,
it is only for lumpy,
you drink at the pump.
You must jump like a roe,
dishwashing - each pot.
Do not worry too much,
you'll get used to a nice brat.

Surely you did,
before you were married.
And now that you have,
so do you still,
that red wine,
what you have on your desk.
Many good luck on a common journey through life wish ..

My wish is an imaginary pitcher
what is used to spill worries
Let success be poured out now
and always overflows with joy.

At the threshold of marriage I am uncertain,
my beloved home to leave is afraid.
The unknowns of the future make me sick,
how about tomorrow?
I'm used to warm mommy's palms,
Tell me, my dear, what will you give me for them?
Something warns me, something seduces me,
what do you give me, dear, for my youth?

Wish for marriage blessing:

The bells of the song play,
Birds will sing to you.
For the bride and groom,
Let your love not be quiet.
Let your blessing bless you,
for luck I keep my fists.

Wealth and beauty are few,
over time it disappears and disappears.
But where sincerity is
and love pure, pure,
where the heart understands the heart
and the soul gives strength,
just there life together,
flowering paradise becomes.

Do not worry about life, you like to know it,
my chest wide, you hide behind it.
I am also at the threshold of my life,
to go with you life, I'm not afraid.
Mother's palms, my hands I will give you,
our love would build a temple.
Home I will replace you with a new home.
What will I give you for my youth? I'll tell you in time.

You have found one path, walk along it, you will meet the bridegroom, you will avoid the mischief. Satisfaction a lot, not just a little bit, after a year let's have a baby girl.

Marriage wishes greetings:

In the faith of life I have looked at you,
in your hands You gave your life.
Beware of him, My love,
it will be your life.

Bride, Bride,
what did you think,
when the sun set for the horizon.
Replace freedom for marriage,
it's already a really stupid kick ...
What has happened, however,
that's why we both give you the health ...

Life is full of beauty
for those who are looking for it.
Life is full of happiness,
for the two who understand. .

Marriage wishes sms:

Today, everyone knows,
that # # NAME is.
No stud and down shirts,
to let the diapers run..
What marriage life is supposed to give,
you will both soon know.
In both good and bad try to live together,
do not let your love go wrong.

A metal ring, the two of you connect and intertwine with your shine and your house, whatever you want more, you are happy, you are yours, you meet the best days.

Bride the beautiful, white,
about marriage when you dreamed,
you had no idea
what it's worth doing.
but the groom is a little pale.
He gave him a quick morning,
to say it all.
You just stood by him,
everything was complaining.
But he hesitated,
probably did not want to make a craving.
Suddenly, however,
when he saw witnesses behind him.
He said - it is unpleasant,
I succumbed ...

Happy married life messages:

Let love help you
change nice moments to beautiful
and sadness for insignificant moments.
Good luck wishes you ...

Drive your boat of luck
to the marina.
Watch out for the wind,
steer the direction!
Keep your boat in order,
multiply the crew!
For peace and happiness in the family,
close your mother-in-law in the cabinet.
When the little one is born,
release both grandmothers.

Read together in the book
life wisdom
and learn from the mistakes of others.
We're holding your fingers!

Catch hands, walk along with rain,
it is called the greatest happiness.
Put on the rings, go along along,
to go along with life, go together together.

Purchase a lot of pots for a woman, whether you have fun at home,
when you will be of great love, smashing your head!

See, you see, dear boy,
You have a freedman already in the trap.
You were happy for a long time
and now you mess up.
Whoever is afraid of it,
what awaits the boy,
how will you be a boy weak?
to listen to the whisper.
Where to go for fun,
let go of it today.
On cards or kicks
- it must go aside.
It's not like before,
drink daily 10piv!
Every day you have to go to the kitchen
stretch the clock.
Often you must ...

What you have promised today,
never take back again,
let another happy marriage
our world is richer!

Let your next life,
with wishes he would be wonderful
and not every one of you indifferent,
never to one another,
always in the evening - "the day was excellent"

Short wedding wishes:

Be still happy,
love one another,
in a year be a little mimic
kick home at the table.

Be happy young sausage,
do not stay without a stroller.
Drink a lot ... eat,
to get into bed early.
Do not make big noise,
let him be a nice kid.
and into the year two daughters,
let the boy go with them.

As the golden rings on the hands glitter,
so beautiful, be your common life.
Wedding kiss, letting you warm up all your life,
it desires with all your heart ...

Eat a lot of vegetables, drink a little wine, cross your vitamins, have a son.
When Mirek gets confused, the girl will be happy.

As you, he, you,
Be faithful at all times.
One another,
still with love to live try.
Love is the greatest gift,
be forever happy couple!

The Sun of Freedom has already set you up,
what did you (bride) and (groom) think?
I have no choice but to wish you,
what is going to happen after today ...
The lucky ones will not leave you for a short time,
in the year of a little robe or princess.
Let your dreams come true and happy are the other days to

She has already grabbed You already,
YOUR NAME has been pounding.
Soon you will know the pigeon,
how they walk in the chump.

May you have enough luck in your life to make you feel good.
- enough testing to become strong ...
- enough grief to stay human ...
- enough hope to become happy ...

How time flies...
Common YES you said a few years ago.
As summer goes on,
to say only YES is hardly going.
Once YES, once NO.
Then it goes.
However, keep the same answer,
that you still love after years.

Let them stand you day and night,
let them stand for a hundred years,
Your beloved wife
faithfully on your side.

Satisfaction, happiness, consistency,
be it your home,
everything you meet in your life,
let it be just good!

Before ... years ago, you handed your hands.
Together they told YOU.
Nothing forced you to do that.
So what was that?
You founded a family,
mutually supported and loved.
When worry was a flush,
who gave you the power?
Well, your children.
And now that you have brought them to adulthood,
they make you happy and worried.
And you still want to have a family,
so for the grandchildren you have to live together.
Do their love give them everything? ...